First Pictures From Resident Evil: Afterlife Set

While actress Milla Jovovich has been twittering the crap outta upcoming movie Resident Evil: Afterlife, two photos from the set have surfaced online.

Above is Jovovich, Ali Larter, Spencer Locke and Wentworth Miller. Below is a wider shot. Wondering who those people in white are?

"We call the people in white 'pod people' here on set," she tweets. "They have been used as Umbrella 'test subjects' in horrifying experiments." Resident Evil: Afterlife is currently filming (in 3D!) and will be out next summer.

Milla Jovovich (MillaJovovich) on Twitter [Twitter via ShockTillYouDrop]


    So they are bringing back some of the actors from the 3rd movie. Interesting.

    Wentworth Miller is a really good actor and all, but I get the feeling he doesn't quite fit in, as in, doesn't really look the part xD.

    And his expression looks so like something out of Prison Break :P

      yes well he did use up all his acting in that show perhaps he should buy a greater acting potion you can get em at the the AH in ORG for liek 2 G each

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