First Skate 3 Trailer And Screens

Here are the first batch of screens for Skate 3, along with a trailer featuring a horribly edited version of Steel Panther's "Eyes of a Panther".

The actual lyrics for the "Eyes of a Panther" chorus are "She's got the eyes of a panther - She's got lips like Satan - She's got the eyes of a panther - And you'll soon be matin'". It loses something when you strip out Satan and matin', but I suppose there are rules you need to follow when making an official video game trailer.


    Looks like more of the same old crap. Skate was actually a decent game compared to Tony Hawks which was all serious and proper but then ridiculous and had Bam in it.

    But this is just Skate v3.0 not Skate 3. Cause they look and will probably be exactly like Skate 1 and 2 which are exactly the same aswell.

      Oh good, I've got skate 1 and hardly played it, so if this is just ver 3.0 then I can skip 2.

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