First Tekken: The Movie Sales Art Shows Off Six Iron Fist Fighters

The original teaser poster for the movie adaptation of Tekken didn't offer much. Yep, Tekken starts with a "T"... thanks. But this two-page sales art spread gives us a better idea of Tekken: The Movie's aesthetic.

Movie site spotted the Tekken promo, featuring the fancy tagline "Survival Is No Game", at the American Film Market expo, giving us a first look at some of the movie adaptation's line up. Featured are, to the best of my Tekken knowledge, the movie versions of Law, Heihachi — about to be kicked in the ear by Bryan? — Jin, and the Williams sisters Nina and Anna.

The film's take on the Namco Bandai franchise, directed by Dwight Little, appears to be authentic to the game's virtual fighters. Perhaps a bit too authentic, if we're splitting hairs. Speaking of hair, will Paul Phoenix's 'do make an appearance? Oh I hope so.

What do you think? Stoked to watch Tekken play out while giving your hands a rest? For a bigger and better look, head over to ComingSoon.

First Look: Tekken Sales Art []


    Survival is no game? I thought the game's main story arc (the Mishima family's domestics) was all about power, not survival.

    This has disappointment written all over it. I hope I'm proved wrong!

    Fighting games turned movies are never awsome.

    what they are is cheezy and entertaining(so bad its good). i expect tekken will be the same.

    I Don't reckon its law in the left page i think its Jin without his gloves on look at the pants

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