Flute Hero: For Those Who Can't/Won't Sing

You know, when nobody but my wife and an empty bottle are looking, I'll sing a little Rock Band. This lady is equally timid on the m.i.c., but has a cunning alternative: play the flute.

Yes, as with SingStar, Rock Band can't understand your actual words while singing. It just picks up the pitch and tone and runs with it. So while singing can, and normally does get the job done, if you can play the flute, you can get the job done via other means.

[via Neatorama]


    Awesome! My daughter asked me today if they would ever make "Flute Hero", now I can just set up a mic on a stand and she can have her wish...

    Surprised it hasn't been done earlier - good idea for getting kids pitch perfect at their instruments I guess :)

    I used to do this with an electric guitar on Singstar back on the PS2 because it was a hell of a lot better than my singing.

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