For The Discerning Art Collector/Halo Fan

Perhaps in an effort to appeal to a more up-market clientèle than Halo merchandise currently allows, Microsoft have commissioned a series of framed prints depicting art from Halo 3: ODST.

These aren't the kind of things you'd get as a pre-order gift thrown in a cheap plastic frame. No, these are the kind of things that are limited to 100 of each, and will cost you $175.

There are three different prints, and each measures 13x19 inches.


    Why is he staring at the ground in all three. Thats not the MC I know!


    You're right, it's not the MC you know. It may be the rookie you know though.

    "Thats not the MC I know!"
    you sure do know the MC.
    you sure do.

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