Gamer Party To Run Against Atkinson At Next Election

Gamer Party To Run Against Atkinson At Next Election

pacman_atkinsonAt the next election, South Australian Attorney-General and R18+ videogame opponent Michael Atkinson may be challenged by a political party championing the rights of adult gamers and an overhaul to Australia’s classification system. And they need your help.

Taking its name from the recently banned Left 4 Dead 2, the Gamers 4 Croydon party and its founder David Doe plan to contest the safe Labor seat of Croydon, held by Atkinson since 1989, at the 2010 state election. Doe says the reason he’s chosen to stand in the election is “to exert pressure on the Attorney General for South Australia, Michael Atkinson, as he is currently the only Attorney General voting ‘no’ against the introduction of an R18+ classification rating for videogames in Australia.”

To register as a political party, Doe needs to sign up 150 Gamers 4 Croydon members who are over 18, enrolled to vote and live in South Australia. Doe is travelling to Adelaide today to secure the signatures. You can go and show your support for his party and an R18+ classification for videogames by heading down to Rundle Mall between 5.30pm and 6.30pm today.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Doe on Kotaku later this morning.


  • That’s an interesting development, considering earlier this year Atkinson himself actually challenged Kotaku readers to contest his seat (which I’m pretty sure was here: but for some reason Atkinson’s letter has actually been removed from the news article). Looks like someone’s finally taking him up on the challenge, and good on them.

    Let’s hope this actually goes somewhere.

    • Michael, thanks for pointing that out. His letter wasn’t removed, it looks like it went missing in our database switch and re-design earlier this year. I’ll get the tech team onto recovering it.

  • That’s fantastic news.
    I really hope he gets the signatures he needs.

    I spend almost every day pondering how gamers as a community can get things done… this seems like a fantastic start. Thing is that we really need the mainstream attention to back it up.

  • “Labor seat of Croydon, held by Atkinson since 1989”

    That really explains ALOT. Someone who has been in a seat that long will have procured a superiority complex, and believe they have a mandate to do whatever they like
    *Cough* Howard *Cough*.

    21 years is far too long for 1 person to hold that much power and say in a countries development.

    I honestly think an inquirey should be held into his position.

    • I started living down the road from Mr Howard about 5 years after he took the seat of Benelong and saw him at the shops reasonably often. I’m afraid I have to poke a hole in your theory. Mr Howard didn’t have to hold his seat for a couple of decades to develop his superiority complex. I’m sure he had it from day one.

      I agree with 21 years being too long for one person to hold the same seat. Any politician should have a maximum number of consecutive terms they can sit in office, just like the prime minister does. Although I don’t have any problems with that person being reelected as long as someone else has had a chance for at least one term. It also gives the people the opportunity to see other views on the running of the office. They might then be able to see the faults of the original holder and decide not to reelect them.

      There’s probably other problems with this idea but it would certainly stop people like Mr Atkinson holding sway over the majority of the rest of the population without contest for so long.

      If I lived in SA, Mr Doe would have my signature in a heartbeat.

  • It’s great to see these people trying to make a difference. I think it’s wonderful that these younger people are working together to directly challange politicians themselves.

    MA since 1989? Good god, Definitely time for a change of power. Hopefully the random SA’s will vote for someone new and not for Atkinson, many people don’t like change, and his exaggerated comments on games might cause some of them to fear it.

    Regardless, it’s awesome to see people trying to vote out an old corrupted/blind person in power. Fingers crossed that they succeed!

    • I wish people would stop blaming Christian values for all this censorship… I’m a Christian and have been in favour for a 18+ rating for many, many years… Please don’t place all Christians in the same basket as Atkinson… A lot of Christians are gamers and want to see this 18+ rating as much as the rest of the country!

      • Just because YOUR Christian values don’t stop you from wanting an R18+ games rating, doesn’t mean that HIS Christian values aren’t the problem here. It’s like saying “I’m a non-violent Muslim, therefore all violence done in the name of Islam must have been for some other reason.”

        • Fair call. I agree that there are people that share the same views as Atkinson, but I just want people to realize that it comes down to an individuals beliefs and that those particular views may not be that of the collective. Which can work both ways as well, I guess..

  • They should also consider running in the senate in SA – if they hold the balance of power, more political pressure may able to be exerted on any sitting Labour Govt.

  • 1989? NINETEEN EIGHTY NINE?!?!? Good God, no wonder he’s so set in his backward ways.

    Best of luck to this party. Hopefully they’ll at least make some sort of tiny dent in removing an outdated law that makes us the laughing stock of the video game industry.

    If I lived in SA, I’d be there front and centre.

  • Eh, good luck. If he’s in a safe seat and the State Government in SA hasn’t been screwing the people up like in NSW, fat chance it’s going to change. They must love him if he’s been there for over 20 years.

    However if the Gamer Party receives a lot of positive media coverage, shame him, or work with the Liberal Party you never know..

    “Commissioning the use of a desalination plant to only pump water directly into the Murray river system.” Why? =\

    • Not quite mate… I live in SA and the political climate is much like it is nationally.

      Which is to say, the party in power is almost universally disliked… but the opposition is so non-existent that no-ones prepared to vote for them.
      They’ve just appointed a new opposition leader, and it would be unlikely if half the people in the state could name her, let alone recognise her in a line up.

  • The Gamer party’s platform needs to be all about two things.

    1. Protecting children by implementing the R rating.

    2. Australia’ status as a ‘lucky country’ being hampered by government censorship.

    That’s the way to get John Q Voter on their side. If they start banging on about how video games are awesome, the general public won’t give a toss.

  • Im so conflicted, As i live in SA the current labor government has done a lot for my state over the years but i also like the rest of you want a R18+ game rating. But sorry to burst the G4C bubble but i think that the only way to get rid of Michael Atkinson is to vote labor out of the next state election (which is coming up next march(dont know what date). Wait cant we just sign up online.

  • The electoral commission needs pen on paper, shame. Getting 150 people to sign up online would be easy, that’s why we need to go to the Mall’s balls today at 5.30-6.30.

  • @DavidR

    I disagree. The Gamer’s Party needs 3 principles to even hope for “Joe Average” to vote for them.

    1. Protecting children by implementing the R rating.
    2. Protecting children by implementing the R rating.
    3. Protecting children by implementing the R rating.

    Anything else would be defeated by an anti-games fear campaign.

  • Best of luck to my Southern brothers.

    If I lived in SA I’d be fully supporting them, but instead I’ll just have to watch from a distance in QLD.

  • It’s a good idea, but realistically I don’t see the need to create a party. The party seems very amateurish and I’d think that the effort and funding would be better placed in pressuring another party to run against Atkinson, such as the Greens, Democrats or even Liberal. The policies of the party seem extremely narrow. They currently consist of 2 issues – the R18+ Rating and Green related issues. Although an emotional vote would be good for the R18+ rating, I think I’d be better off voting for a party like the Greens if I wanted to support the Green initiatives which would have shown far superior research and have a plan for implementation. In general, even the name instantly discriminates against non-gamers. It’s a good name to get their message across to people that already know of the issue but Gamers4Croydon to the non-gamer almost says nothing of relevance to the average joe. They’d be better off involving something directly tied in with the Censorship debate in a name. Do people care about gamers? Not really. Do they care about censorship? Yes.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against the group in general. I just think their time and effort would be better spent lobbying and gathering support for a candidate for a party who could win and act on the issues they have supported. As it stands at the moment, they’re a lobby group and it comes across to me they are acting as a political party in order to gain publicity. Not a bad thing, but I believe Atkinson will just win another term without a strong party challenging.

  • man i feel live moving to south australia just to vote

    much love and support from nsw, hope you knock that power abusing old bag off his medieval seat 🙂

    from another dissapointed aussie gamer 🙁

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