GameStop To Sell DLC...In Their Stores

Next year, GameStops across the US will begin testing a new service whereby gamers can buy DLC not online, but in a store, then take it home with them. It's called the "Missing The Point" program.

Explaining the move, GameStop COO Paul Raines told Reuters "A large market for full game downloads is not imminent, (but) the add-on downloadable market will grow".

Here's how they figure they can help cash in. Backed by both Microsoft and Sony (no word on Nintendo as of yet), this isn't some fancy scheme where you can buy DLC on a disc. You're buying it from GameStop, then when you get home, you still have to download it. Saving you from having to do...

GameStop to sell digital game downloads [Reuters]


    I can see the benefit of this to people who have slow internet connections or limited download quotas. Some of those DLC packs can have a pretty hefty size limit, and that's what stops a lot of people from experiencing good content

      Not the point. You still have to download. The only thing this helps with is if you don't have a credit card. But with most banks giving visa debit cards now, thats not even an issue. Gamestops issue is that they aren't making any money of the DLC

      Yep, this can be very helpful for some people. Especially Australians and our internet connections.

      It won't be long before all the major game retailers are in on this.

      "then when you get home, you still have to download it"
      you still have to Download it. I'm guessing the only difference is you can pay in cash and not points or creditcard.

      still ptretty pointless.

    Prepare for atleast $10 over the online version.

    2nd worst idea I have ever seen.

    Looks like gamestop is catching on that their market is slowly slipping away with online DLC and things like Steam and Impulse.

    Only thing they are good for is buying Steam activated software so I can 'return' it within 7 days.

    You can't buy 15.99 dollars worth of points. You need to buy the full 30 dollars.
    If someone was tight on cash, but wanted a game they could easily do this without shelling out the 30 bones.

    I've seen DLC content for sale like this in JB Hi Fi (possibly EB too) here in Australia, Fallout 3 Expansions and the GTA4 Expansions.

    You buy a box it gives you a code or a disc and you than download it at home without having to purchase Console Credit.

    I still think I'd rather buy points buy the game I want and save the change for the next game.

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