Gearbox Said Nothankyou.jpg To A Blade Runner Game

Here's a story close to our hearts. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has revealed that his studio recently wanted to develop a Blade Runner game. A game that, sadly, never saw the light of day.

"One of my partners, Brian Martell, had Blade Runner on the list [of IPs we wanted to use] ," he told the Official Xbox Magazine. "We chased it down and we coulda had it. But that one failed on the business side, because the way we wanted to do it we wanted to spend 25 million dollars. And when you do the math on that, we weren't going to make it back."

Shame. Then again, the world already has a Blade Runner game and, advanced years or not, it's fantastic. So it's not a total loss.

And what is it with Gearbox and movie adaptations? Blade Runner, Aliens, Heat... what's next, Robot Jox? Because that would be awesome.

Gearbox: Blade Runner canned because it wouldn't sell [OXM]


    I would prefer more borderlands DLC. Srsly, make like 50 DLC packs I will buy every single one.

      Thank you for perpetuating the DLC cash cow that has been forced on all us gamers.

    I would prefer Borderlands actually show up on Steam Aus. :/

    Just yesterday, I met a very attractive gal who played the Westwood Blade Runner game.
    What struck me as odd is that she would have been only 10 or 11 when the game came out. And let's face it, this is a cult classic, not Super Mario Bros 3!

    I asked her how she got to play the game, and she told me the obvious: Her dad originally got it.

    My point is this:
    I have seen living proof that cool dads exist.

      And as a result, cool girls.

    Howabout a goddamn PC patch for the broken console edition of "made first on PC" Borderlands?

    I could deal with the disgustingly hugeified interface, cycloptic FOV and even the broken skill trees if multiplayer would work and I could at least have a few options in the menus.

    This game is 3 CDs worth of awesome. I've got my copy right here and the best thing is that it still works on Vista.

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