Germany's Censored L4D2 Runs Faster

Australia isn't the only nation receiving a power-cleaned version of Left 4 Dead 2. Germany, no doubt because of the killerspiele hysteria, has a similarly sanitised demo. But guess what, it also runs 40 per cent faster.

PC Games Hardware benchmarked both the uncut Left 4 Dead 2 and the censored German demo using to a 60-second demo sequence from the second chapter of "The Parish". The sequence involves a ton of common infected as well as multiple Boomers and a Spitter. The setup: Radeon HD 5870 used to display the demo at 1680 by 1050 with maximum details, "4x MSAA and 16:1." I can't quote what that means exactly but "the setting is quite challenging for the CPU."

Here's what they found:

The direct comparison between cut an uncut version reveals huge differences in performance. It doesn't matter if we use a dual-core E6600 or quad-core Q6600 processor, the less violent version of the demo runs about 40 percent faster that the uncut version. Furthermore the difference between the two uncut results (dual-core vs. quad-core) is bigger, too, what indicates a higher CPU workload.

This isn't just a trivial difference, PC Games Hardware points out owners of the cut version may play on "uncut" servers. So, "a scene that lags in the uncut version might be running smoothly in the cut version — especially in Versus Mode this could make the difference between death and survival."

That said, someone with a full version may also reduce the depiction of violence through the game's command console.

Left 4 Dead 2: Unfair Performance Benefits with Cut Version? [PC Games Hardware via Blue's News]


    Well obviously... there are less sprites to render and retain in memory, and less animations to perform as they disappear instead of animating the slump to the ground.

    This is worthy of documenting!?!

      It's a little more complicated than that. This shows that valve went to some effort when censoring the game, to not only hide the visual effects but also stop them from taxing the system. And 40% is a significant increase, especially for people who may want to turn off the violence for a smoother game on their sub-par laptops.

    Yes it is, shows that there is an at least a plus to owning a censored version of the game.

    I suppose it is for those who don't understand the concept behind it.

    I think it's worth pointing out. I knew I was concerned about my laptop being able to handle it but with the bodies not hanging around as long as they do in the uncut (though still not long enough for my liking) it handles it fine.

    Just bring back the swat uncommon and burning zombies >:c

    I get the blood splatter and the dead bodies. But i for one, do NOT understand the fire & decapitations.

    GTA have decapitations, well i don't know about GTA IV but San Andreas does. I used to play it for hours, stalking a cab driver and when they pull up at the lights, HEADSHOT and laugh at the headless body getting out of the taxi before passing out.

    Borderlands, the most recent game i can name, has decapitations. Weapons that explode bodies into hundreds of pieces, eletrocute them and BURN THEM whilst the enemy runs around screaming MY FACE, MY FACE!!!!

    Even Halo has fire grenades.

    If its the OFLC saying it should be that way - then okay. But it seems Valve created this version themselves and submitted it. Why not try it out with less splattering and perhaps no headless zombies. Maybe bodies only fall for say 5 seconds. It just sucks that they have edited so much that it is possible to fall into a M rating and their are plenty of M and MA15+ games out there that are 100x worse.

    I'm not angry no more, just really, really confused!

    Funny enough, this is my rig, I use the Quad-core with two 5870's and I'm certain my L4D2 uncensored runs faster than my L4D1 ever did, L4D2 isn't very intense it just shows you require a good CPU and a fair graphics card doesn't hurt.

    Valve made 2 version of this game, the one for Germany and Australia and the one for the rest of the World. They expected the German one to be for Germany only. When they where refused classification they appealed and submitted the super censored one knowing it was a shoe it. Unfortunately for Australian Gamers the appeal failed.

    They practically have the game out the door I don't see them going in and making a 3rd version to try and squeak through the censors with as much blood and gore as they can.

    And personally I think Blood and Gore are part of the Zombie Genre of Horror. I don't care if it's a game or a Movie. You want disapearing corpses you fight Vampires...

    With any luck Valve will release a patch to restore things to the Australian verion at a later date when they aren't trying to finalise the game. I don't think we're a big enough market to warrant it financially. But let's hope they will be nice to us.

    Also let's remember they have to pay to get a game submitted, and paying to have it rejected only increases development costs.

    Please remember the standard Pro R rating rant here.

    Thats really comforting news for a game that could run on a calculator I'm glad I spent $3000 on my box.

    i'm sorry to say this, but this could be the factor that prevents me from buying this game.

    here in australia, i think it is a joke to have this degree of censorship, given my last 6 hours of fallout 3 have involved orphaning children with mining tools, decapitating slavers beside their murdered captives, and, hopefully not spoiling anything, waging war against the presidency.

    if the only thing to be altered from fallout 3 was the 'shooting up', i think valve, an otherwise remarkable company, could have pressed harder with simply toning down some of the effects.

    to go from one zombie killing gore-filled game to a german-censored version is pitiful. the '3rd version' as discussed by DKnight1000 would have filled this niche.

    anyone having similar hesitations about buying the game?

    feel like convincing me otherwise?

      If you feel graphics and gore make a good game, go buy Dead Space. If you want a game that has great gameplay but has sadly had a few graphical things cut, buy L4D2.

        I don't think anyone is trying to say gore makes a good game. I suspect Shiregaru Miyamoto (Spelling?) could make a cutsie Mario vs Zombies game and it would be Awesome.

        What we're really getting upset about is the fact the sequel is going to be far tamer than the Original rather than the same.

        If L4D2 came out as an R rating and L4D1 was MA15+ I honestly think nobody would have cared.

        It's a little more than a few graphical things cut actually. The entire feeling and ambiance of the game has been undercut. Bodies dissapear BEFORE they hit the ground for christ sakes. There's no gore, there's limited enemies - which was a big difference from the first game supposedly - and overall the game is neutered.

        I won't be buying it until I can get around the censorship and I know a LOT of people who feel the same. Performance increase aside, there's no excuse for it.

          I've noticed that myself, but from playing the demo I think that's just more the fact it's the levels being based in the day time. Being able to see everything clearly loses the tension. Should be alright later in the campaign, but right now, could be better.

        and its sense of immersion ruined.

    After playing both with similar hardware I call bullshit..

    While it's interesting to see such a large variance in fps (40%) taking that to a conclusion that uncut versus players will have an advantage is ridiculous. If I turned all my settings to maximum then complained about it being unfair in a versus game because I have video lag, who do I have to blame?

    Players need to set up their video options to suit their hardware and the game's demands to give them an acceptable fps - and of course those demands will be higher when displaying and animating more stuff on screen.

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