God Of War PS2 Vs God Of War PS3

The upcoming God of War Collection for the PS3 boasts remastered editions of two of the PS2's finest games. But just how remastered are they?

Bitmob sat down, screengrabber at the ready and found out, posting a ton of shots directly comparing the two versions. As you can see, the PS2 version looks a little, I don't know, warmer, but the texture clarity on the PS3 remakes is certainly an improvement.

For reference in the shot below, the top pic is the PS2 version running on a PS3, while the bottom pic is the PS3 version running on the... PS3.

Graphics Comparison (part two): God of War 2 vs. God of War Collection [Bitmob]


    Why does that brown haired chick have man legs?

    not really much difference, is there?

    Looks as though the only difference is in the lighting

      the first pic makes it hard to say but it looks like the Ox head thing is more detailed tho no by alot

      not really effected by it just happy i can play them before 3 drops next year

      Actually, there's a huge difference. Unfortunately, the pictures above don't display it.

      The first picture, as shown directly above, has a resolution of 500x258px. If you click for the enlarged version, then the resolution is 1205x671px. The enlarged version starts to show the blur that is the PS2 version, but it actually doesn't show the full PS3 resolution.

      In the original article, they show full 1280x720px resolution shots. That's likely what the PS3 will actually show.

      The alpha levels in the PS3 captures seem a little high. Hopefully you have an option to tone down the image a little, and get better looking shadow details. At the moment, the shadowy areas look overexposed.

    Click on the photos, there is a fairly good difference when enlargened.

    the remastered version definately is a lot clearer

    The collection is a good thing for people without ps2's or 60gb's.


    I really want my ps2 back.

    Ps2s are $99 bucks atm. Grow a pair.

    The difference is between running a PC game at 600x480 and then at 1280x720. In other words, the PS3 version is crisper, and with better anti-aliasing.

    Just to add another comparison, here's a shot using PCSX2 PS2 emulator


    1280x720 screen resolution +progressive scan, internal resolution at around 4096x4096 (i think that's i used for this shot last time)
    Not perfect though as it lacks shadow rendering and some post processing/bloom effects.

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