Gold-Dipped PS3 Does Not Include 250GB Hard Drive

I'm convinced that, if you plotted it out, wealth approaches a tackiness asymptote to infinity. This gold-dipped PS3 Slim proves they might actually touch.

Only five of these golden consoles will be made by "Computer Choppers". Considering they dip or trim BlackBerrys and iPhones starting at $US1399 you can expect this sucker will run much more than a mouth full of gold teef (parts, not labour).

24k Gold PS3 Anyone? [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Does it come with a controller? picture implies 2, but since they're opposite sides i'll take a stab and say "no, but the console WILL cuddle you after you realise how much you blew on it. Sure, it'll be an empty hug, but a meaningful hug just costs too much."

      Hahahaha, hilarious.

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