Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And Damned Coming To PC?

Rockstar Games' downloadable episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV look to be making the platform jump from Xbox 360 to Games For Windows Live, giving PC gamers a chance to experience The Lost And Damned.

Grand Theft Auto fan site spotted the five Games For Windows Live Achievements specific to Rockstars' first downloadable episode, hinting that the Xbox 360-exclusivity surrounding the episode is due to expire.

Those Achievements made an appearance following the most recent title update to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, issued by Rockstar today.

The short answer to the headline is likely "Yes", but we've reached to the developer seeking an official response.

The Lost and Damned for GTA IV PC []


    The 2 addons are well worth waiting for. I do hope they come to PS3 soon as well, I've got a mate who has the PS3 version and I'm sick of trying to avoid DLC spoilers when talking about the game

    Whoop! Bound to happen.


    xbox exclusive, isnt, again, nuf said.

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