Guild Wars 2 Coming In 2011

Teased in 2007 and finally revealed earlier this year, Guild Wars 2 still has a long road ahead of it, with NCsoft revealing that the game won't be out until sometime in 2011.

We've been following Guild Wars 2 since the first stirrings back in 2007, through the scrapped beta and onwards to this year's big reveal. According to NCsoft West CEO Jaeho Lee, speaking recently during a post-earnings report conference call, we'll be following it for quite a long time coming.

"I believe there will be a certain public event in the year 2010, so at this point it could be at least a closed beta test for [Guild Wars 2 and Korea-oriented martial-arms MMOG Blade & Soul] ," he said. "The commercialization will be expected at this point probably sometime in the year 2011."

The dates coincide with a story from earlier this year suggesting a 2010-2011 release for the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the company's free MMO.

That's quite a long time to wait, but it beats getting no Guild Wars 2 at all, right?

Guild Wars 2 due in 2011 [GameSpot]


    That's a shame, oh well, so long's it's a good game then the wait won't be so bad.

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