Guy, Cody And Adon In Super Street Fighter IV

It's official, Super Street Fighter IV will include Guy, Cody and Adon.

Better then official confirmation on this from Capcom, is this trailer showing off the new... old fighters.

Super Street Fighter IV will be coming to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 next spring with eight new characters, "enhanced" online play and bonus stages.

I hope by enhanced online play they mean you can watch fights as you wait for your next turn.


    Oh yeah! I was wondering how the next SF game was
    going to be like... I love the new SFIV and im sure
    I will enjoy this one two! Looking forward to play
    it... Besides the new characters... I guess they
    dont really have to change much! SFIV is good as it
    is... and Super SFIV will be even more fun with the
    new 8 characters...

    lol, that seems like pretty poor "enhanced play."

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