Halo 3: ODST Drops Three Million Copies

Perhaps feeling a little aggrieved at the way Modern Warfare 2 blew right on by Halo 3's sales numbers earlier in the week, Microsoft have tried to salvage a little pride by releasing some Halo 3: ODST numbers.

And, all things considered, they're not bad. Since launching on September 22, ODST has sold just over three million units, having sold 1.5 of those in its first month on sale.

Sure, that's nowhere near Halo 3 levels, but then ODST had nowhere near Halo 3's levels of content or marketing.

Halo 3:ODST Continues Its Sales Dominance [IGN]


    Why is Kotaku to bias towards Halo especially ODST.

    Okay ODST is shorter than Halo 3. Did people really expect it to be of the same length or even longer? And people gotta get over the price!

    Everyone SHOULD have known that ODST wasn't going to break records or even outsell Halo 3. I know i'm coming across as real snappy and this article isn't really dissing Halo, but they really like to make great mentions of it.

    Either way & the point is - Halo ODST has done extremely well for a prequel add-on to the biggest FPS created. It has already sold more than what games sell in a lifetime - including some of really well known games! It will go on to sell over 5 million which is half of Halo 3 so thats not bad in anyway. Oh and Halo ODST had the same level in content just not capacity. Firefight is the shiz - beats Nazi Zombies & Horde ANYDAY of the week.

      We all have our views here at Kotaku. While Luke may not be an ODST fan, I enjoyed it (the campaign and Firefight) more than Halo 3.

        BUT is that a shot at Halo 3 or a compliment at ODST?

          Heh. I really liked Halo 3, so it's definitely the latter.

      True Indeed. It was an expansion and a treat for the fans, it wasn't meant to be a big seller.

      Also wait till Bungie releases the date for the Beta. I believe there is a few more copies to be sold. ;)

      And then once the Beta ends there will be a fair amount of used copies on eBay. :)

        HAH! Thats the catch though. Not everyone that buys ODST is guaranteed a position in the beta. ODST is purely a ticket in a raffle to get into it.

        The little flyer says Strictly Limited Offer and then Subject to Availability.

        It's good that the chance to get into the beta is offered that way - but once again it misleads but i don't mind either way.

        Anyway - i'm divided on the campaign. I found the Rookie boring. It was fun doing what he did, but sometimes it took forever and got boring. When i went back and played it on Legendary i just selected the mission i wanted to do through the menu instead of starting a new game that way i could skip the Rookie's adventure. I was also disappointed in the character's modelling - they looked uncompleted.

        I haven't played ODST as much as Halo 3 but i still love the game and Firefight will be played many times in the future on game nights. But ODST wasn't meant to take anything away from Halo 3 - it was really an excuse like PLMKO said - a sort of upgrade. Not replace Halo 3 cause the multiplayer comes with it.

        I guess they could have just released Firefight and the Multiplayer disc with extra maps. The campaign wasn't something they needed, but ODST is definitely something they snapped up to keep that Halo interest going but in a different way which is Firefight. That my opinion anyway.

          It's not a raffle at all. It's exactly the same as the Halo 3 Beta with Crackdown.

          Strictly limited meaning it is strictly limited to those who own Halo ODST and is only offered for a limited time frame.

          An subject to availability could mean one of many things. If it isn't offered in your country, sucked in. For those who buy the game after the Beta has happened and still receive the flyer it could mean, sucked in you missed it. And if it all goes up shits creek and Bungie can't make it available, sucked in.

      Jay you are the biggest halo fanboy ever and have no respect on this website. Everyone knows Halo is a cheesburger game, stop defending it. You've done it in the past and im sick of hearing it.

    ODST is aimed at replacing Halo 3, meaning its essentially an ultimatum to all Halo players to upgrade or face being left behind. Being that Halo is Xboxs no.1 online game I wouldn't be surprised if at least 50% of all players buy this.

    Sometimes the games industry seems to be little more than a pissing contest *sigh*

    Dunno but I enjoyed Halo OODST more than Halo 3. Level design, lack of flood, Probably some of the best music I have heard in a game that really helped the immersion and amplify the solitude. Despite the campaign being considerably shorter the characters for one thing were all well flexed out and Nathan Fillion will always be awesome =3.
    and for the record.
    Truth be told Halo ODST actually got me hooked longer than HAlo 3 ever did.

    You know what would of iced the cake? Brute Versus ODST multiplayer action. :D

    Why would Microsoft be stung or need to salvage pride? I'm sure MW2 sold the best on the 360.

      Seeing that MS has both the MW2 custom 250GB system and the arcade, I'd fail to see why they'd be upset. The arcade is the cheapest way for a newcomer to walk in to the store a CoD virgin and walk out ready to play.

      MS would also be smart enough to realise that MW2 probably didn't sell as much per platform as the exclusive ODST.

    i really want to play ODST im sure it is an incredible game however no matter what way i look at it i can justify paying $100 for a 3 hour game ill get it whenits a little more reasonable in the price department

      I doubt you could finish the campaign in three hours, even if you were playing four-players co-op on the easiest difficulty setting.

        That can be done with 4 people. the game is ridiculously easy with 4 people and assuming you skip every cutscene and just rush it to the next checkpoint, I'd say it could be done.

      You can fin it for as low as $79 if you look hard enough and I'm sure on ebay there's somebody selling it for less than $50. Also, the game is quite longer than just 3 hours by yourself, depending on how you play, the game could take you longer to finish than halo 3 on legendary solo. and that's on a normal or heroic difficulty.

      Also, you get the multiplayer disc with every map ever made, and firefight which can take up a good 2-3 hours just on one level.

      The price is certainly justifiable.

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