Halo: Reach Beta Shots Sneak Out Of MS HQ

A Major League Gaming forum member may be responsible for a major league leak, posting digital camera shots of what appears to be Halo: Reach, Bungie's next Xbox 360 game.

MLG forums dweller "ToM MoReLLo" — probably not his real name — claims to have played the 2010 game at Microsoft headquarters, taking pictures of an early version of Halo: Reach and exhibiting serious MS Paint drawing skills. It's unclear whether these shots are from the multiplayer beta promised to those who pre-ordered Halo 3: ODST, but since one shot shows a menu screen offering access to a Solo Game and Activities, we're wagering it's a portion of the campaign.

But he's the one who's supposedly played the thing.

They're certainly not what we'd call quality shots — it's doubtful that Bungie or Microsoft would be pleased about the leak, given their quality — but at least it gives the hardcore Halo fans a taste of what to expect when Halo: Reach ships next year.

The halo reach BR (real picture inside) [MLG Forums]


    Looks like more of the same

    One trick pony

    Goddamn, is HALO the only game XBOX has?

      You're better than that, Dans.

        Oops.. I think my comment has been misunderstood (and I dont think I said it as well as I should have) - what I mean is that I think its time that Bungie and Microsoft in general try and branch out into newer IP's rather than keep the reliance on Halo to balance the books.

        Forza is doing a great job, but seriously more variety is needed. I look at X360 exclusives this year and I see Halo Wars and Halo ODST - and I'm sure there was another one - dominating the XBOX charts. Hey thats a good thing, dont get me wrong, and their lasting power is phenominal, but I think they should trust their user base will branch out and support newer IP if its provided to them.

        And sorry, no I dont want to start a fanboy war or anything stupid like that - I'm just saying MS really need to look beyond Halo (and Fable and Forza) and develop more IPs. Maybe Natal is the way forward for them, I dont know. But all I can say I that I am really eager to buy an exclusive game for my X360 thats is new and unique, and isnt Halo.

        So sorry to anyone who mistook my original comment. I'd say the same thing about Nintendo who keep pushing the same Zelda/Mario/Mario Party thing all the time too, but I've given up on Nintendo. There is still some hope left for Microsoft.

      Halo the only game on Xbox? The nativity of that statement makes me wonder if it is serious or a parody.

      Do you really want to start a console fanboy war?

      I think the best way to sum up what Halo is to Xbox owners is to refer to the online usage from Major Nelson:

      LIVE Activity for week of Oct. 26th
      Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on Unique Users)

      1 Halo 3
      2 Call of Duty 4
      3 Call of Duty: WaW
      4 GTA IV
      5 Halo 3: ODST
      6 Gears of War 2
      7 FIFA 10
      8 Borderlands
      9 Madden NFL 10
      10 Forza Motorsport 3

    Lawl how can you say that. PS3 and XBOX have a MASSIVE amount of shared content at the moment, bar 20 or so exclusives (estimate). They are the same bloody thing, only reason i bought a ps3 was because of the gamepad being better and free internet gaming.

    Lol, for those of you who dont know, Tom Morello is the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.

    At least they are games of high quality. I'll only be concerned when Halo actually becomes crap. Some still may not like it and some may still hate it without playing it.

    But they are great games whether you like to admit it or like it or not. Critics will agree.

    Although the Warthog is awesome - i'm upset that its there. I mean i want Bungie to go a little different in their creativity. I mean its based YEAAAAAARS before Halo 1 - so they could change some things up a little besides making a Carbine & Needler together put shame to the guns that would have been superior years later.

    It can be hard making a prequel years after the first game cause in reality, weapons wouldn't have been more superior. But then in reality for the gamers - they would whinge making guns be less superior.

      I would dare say that anyone who hates Halo has probably never spent any appreciable time playing it online, if they've played it at all.

        Halo has pretty decent multiplayer, sure, but it's nothing that wasn't done better on PC years ago.

        The major problem people have with Halo is the boring level design (admittedly much improved in Halo3), the bullet sponge spray and pray playstyle (step out from cover, soak up damage whilst emptying a clip, hide behind cover, recharge, repeat), the sometimes bizarrely placed checkpoint system and the fact that shooters on consoles are simply not very responsive when compared to using a mouse.

        Most of the Halo haters are PC players. Out of nowhere, this game is trumpeted from the rooftops as the best shooter ever, when its an endless health corridor shooter and the graphics, gameplay, multiplayer and overall feel are miles behind what the PC has enjoyed for years.

        I'm first and foremost a PC player, but I own several consoles, including a 360 with Halo 3. It isn't a bad game, it just isn't the Second Coming. Think of it as people fawning over Linkin Park for mixing genres in a way that is neither new, nor particularly outstanding, when you know that other bands have been doing the same thing for years.


            Yeah I've heard that plenty of times, but the point is that Halo is fun, which is why it's popular.

            I disagree about PC multi, I'm totally played out on Quake/UT style games. Halo is for some reason the only game I keep coming back to lately.

          MMm i really do DISAGREE with your statement about "nothing that wasn't done better on PC years ago"

          I just think a lot of people hate on Halo cause they are Sony fanboys or their PC players who still like the think of the FPS genre as a PC game. Times have changed and FPS are more popular and used on consoles.

          Not only that, Halo took a different route to games like Half Life or Counter Strike by not being in a more realistic nature. Okay Half Life not so much, but you SHOULD catch my drift.

          It appeals to casual gamers, as you say with the shields, health, unleasing a whole clip etc... but it can also be played a hardcore game. See MLG for that.

          I mean Halo changed the way we view online gaming. Admit it! PLEASE! Competitions are aired on TV for gods sake! I would say Halo offers the most prize money in gaming competitions, probably along with Counter Strike. It branched out to become a phenonenom & also a commercial success too. Something that is known also among non-gamers.

          I for one, cannot understand why people say its okay multiplayer. Hate the game, ok, fine! But please don't embarrass yourself by trying to understate its multiplayer power. Charts & sales will prove you wrong. Along with the critics and the fans.

    That gun in the pick is like a needler rifle or sometrhing, cant wait!

    This kinda stuff is one of the reasons I love Kotaku. I never would have seen this otherwise <3

    Looks fake. From here, why are you smaller than the warthog? even the ODSTs weren't THAT small

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