Harley Quinn Hearts Kotaku


    just about every girl that i know plays some sort of game, most commonly the new age nintendo products (DS/Wii) or flash and pc games like tetris or the Sims.
    I love video games, but it frustrates me that women seem to just stand behind this line that has been drawn between the sexes and don't dare cross it. Since i was born, all i've done is thrown myself across it and i'm disappointed that i don't know anyone else who does, because i believe that they are missing out on some of the most enthralling art forms of the 21st century. There is so much passion video games and it brings out the creative beast within me and it fuels my life.
    To all the women who are tapping timidly at their overly pixelated DS screen with the stylus or are teetering delicately on the surface of the Wii Fit, you are missing out on some of the most amazing artistic experiences of your life. Grab a controller with both hands and fire up something that will blow your mind - anything - bioshock, cod4, mgs4, uncharted 1 or 2, fallout 3 or oblivion - something that is breathtakingly beautiful in its own right.

      You know what, i second that comment. when i was young my sister was a bit of a gamer with sonic and a game called fantasy star, and was actually enjoyed them to but today she dosent seem to want to get her head around any of the modern games. i really wish she could expereance the new modern creations like i do.

      Nicely said. Someone give this girl a job at the ABC.


    Wow, you sound like my dream woman.

      haha well you know what they say; gamer girls - just another fantasy creature you'll never meet. Sucks for both of us because I'm gay :3

    Urgh, Still don't like that Harley costume.

      I think it looks fantastic. Or maybe that's just because the 'classic' harley quinn costume looks so bland. This one feels more like it belongs in the batman universe

    lol hi emma!

      lol and hello max! you disappeared off facebook for a good long while, did you delete me?!


    Lol doesn't really suck too much for me, I'm recently engaged to a woman who finds my nerdiness attractive haha.

      haha well ok then it sucks for because now i have to find a girl who likes games as much as i do. boo-urns. but congrats on your engagement! :)

        Cheers. Well, if there's one of you there's bound to be more. I'd hardly call it a dying breed, if anything, girl gamers are becoming more frequent. Good luck to you :)

    I do my best to nerdify every woman I even vaguely like. In fact next week I was planning to try and convince a uni lecturer to play Grim Fandango & Planescape Torment

      Parenthetically I should add that I'm more than willing to wear purple and dye my hair green should Ms Quinn need a Mr J

      Just saying...

    Haha, I'm playing through planescape torment again right now. Awesome game.

    Where did you get this costume? can you buy it places?

    I really truly wish I was dead. Foils is great though

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