Have You Seen This Robot?

As seen in Darlinghurst, Sydney yesterday.


    I saw one of these kicking about last week. I went back to get a pic for Kotaku and some fiend had removed it.

    That is awesome. Not only that its a nice cheap advertisement! I got my collectors Ed yesterday ^^

    Saw one in Melbourne Central outside the cinema box office a couple of weeks back

    Sony are the kings are marketing to their target audience..

    Remember the whole PS3 slim rollercoaster? A superb lesson in viral marketing at its BEST:
    - leaked factory photots
    - "fake" video of the Phillipines
    - listings on European websites
    - deny all along
    - heck they even "threatened" legal action against sites publishing those pictures

    I hope I see one of these Ratchet posters here in Melbourne!

      You'd think that they would put them in highly visible locations, right? This one was located at the end of a cul-de-sac where there's not much foot traffic.

      Great outside the box approach... I wanted my own collectors Ed, but all the tags were already taken.

    Those things are all over Erskineville/Newtown/Glebe.

    Awesome ad. Still haven't picked up a copy but I definitely plan to.

    I saw one of those this week on the corner of College and William Sydney, thought it was a joke! would of nicked it if I had known ....


    What do the tags at the bottom say? There were a few of these posters outside my school today, but the tags were all already taken.

      It just repeats the phone number and web address that you see in the main part of the ad.

    isn't this illegal since it's considered littering in some suburbs?

      Maybe you should arrest ratchet!

    Ha ha! Playstation do ads u remember.

    Hey, you can download the poster at www.haveyouseenthisrobot.com.au very cool

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