Heist Nets 100 Copies Of Modern Warfare 2

Conflict currency — it's not cash, but goods or valuables that are small, easily liquidated, easily smuggled. Diamonds are the classic example. We might have to add Modern Warfare 2 to the list after what just went down in Pennsylvania.

Cops in Meadville, Pa. say a man went into a GameStop there at 7pm on Tuesday, informed the clerk he had armed help out the door who'd start shooting if anyone called police, and so therefore start handing over the merch. I like that style. The hell with this finger-in-the-jacket-pocket shit. Just let your imaginary friend be your accomplice.

The guy made off with 100 copies of MW2, plus some other items for a total cash-and-prizes value of $US6900.

I'm not sure what surprises me the most, the ballsiness of the robber, or the fact a GameStop still had 100 copies of this 19 hours after its midnight release.

Also, please tell me the "other items" were some refurbed PS2s with balky DVD drives. Please.

Man Steals 100 Copies Of Popular Video Game From GameStop [WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh, via Destructoid]


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