Hello Final Fantasy XIII's Cactuar

Final Fantasy XIII is coming out in Japan soon! But before it does, magazine Shonen Jump has a look at FFXIII's Cactuar and what looks like his lady friend. That Jumbo Cactuar, huge!

Shonen Jump: New Final Fantasy XIII Scans [Final Fantasy-XIII.net]


    That looks like that digimon... Cactusmon or something, the one the cute cowgirl owns during the first season.

    Togemon thats it.

      ....... the cactuar in the final fantasy series have been around long before digimon. What you should say is that digimon looks like the final fantasy Cactuar

        Tiz true, cactuar is as old as chocobos and a guy named "sid"

      How dare you even compare that abomination of a cartoon to Final Fantasy.

        I actually rather like the first couple of digimons. At least their battle scenes are a lot better than pokemon. (And shouting "dodge it" repeatedly doesn't put your digimon in god mode either)

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