Here's That Mario Mention In Assassin's Creed II

Earlier today, Stephen Totilo's review of Assassin's Creed II referenced the game's homage to Mario. Here's video of the fourth wall-breaking inside joke, which is so mainstream it's not inside. And it doesn't really break the fourth wall, either.

Well, never mind. I don't think it rates a spoiler alert, as no major plot devices or gameplay features are revealed. Here it is, courtesy of MTV Multiplayer.

MTV Shows Super Mario Cameo In 'Assassin's Creed 2' [MTV Multiplayer]


    D00d WahT TeH 3FF [email protected] Wa5 SP0ilrz

    gam3 RoEENd f0R m3 FML

      was the 1st 'itsa me, Mario' done in Super Mario 64?
      or was it an earlier title?

    Oh man that was good! I need to get this game.

    Oh, headdesk.

    Still looks like an awesome game though.

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