Here's The Maxim Bayonetta Model Winner

Sega has picked Andrea Bonnaccorso from a field of nine hotties in the Bayonetta impersonation contest they ran in conjunction with Maxim. Andrea gets a fly gaming rig and 972 unsolicited Facebook friend requests for her trouble.

Andrea claims to be a Sega diehard going back to when she was nine years old, becoming obsessed with Sonic, Toejam & Earl and Rolo to the Rescue until she was 14 and, presumably, discovered boys. Says Andrea:

I didn't return to my game playing days until about 2 years ago, and now, I'm STILL obsessed with those old games. When I was little I would stay up way past my bedtime and if I died (in the game), I would be crushed. I'd be so mad that I'd beg to stay up and try again.

Andrea was chosen because, while the eight other entrants either brought a virtuoso Bayonetta look, or just the sexy-behind-librarian-glasses, Andrea, "married both elements to come out on top." Hell, I'd settle for marrying just one of them.

Doesn't look like there are any promotional duties involved here. But Andrea does take home an Xbox 360, a 50-inch plasma TV and, of course, a copy of Bayonetta.

Bayonetta Contest Winner Announced [Maxim via VG247]


    972? I think you're underestimating the power of facebook as a tool for stalkers.

    Very cute.

    Head's too big = PIG DISGUSTING!

      Seeing as you are such a good judge of women you should link us to a pic of your girlfriend/wife.. you know, so we can see a woman with a properly proportioned head..

      My bet is you won't because you..
      A) Dont have one and can't get one.
      B) You are actually gay
      C) Scared we'll judge.. oh wait..

      Even if you do there'd be about a 0% chance of it actually being your GF..

      The only conclusion I can now come to is that you should just STFU..

        obviously you dont see the joke he was making...

        Take it easy bighead.

      Totally agree. Her proportions are far too human and not horrid to cosplay as the queen of terrible anatomical design that is bayonetta.

    where are the high resolution fap picz.

    Apparantly she will do some Maxim photoshoot as well. I think she looks cute, so that's a good thing. Also, since she's a gamer girl, that doubles her hotness factor.

      ... played Sonic, Toejam & Earl and Rolo to the Rescue when she was 14 ... yah she is at the pinnacle of girl gamming. [yawn]

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