Here's What Final Fantasy XIII Chocobos Look Like

Chocobo! Those bird-like creatures from Final Fantasy games. The latest issue of Japan's Shonen Jump shows just how huge the creatures are in Final Fantasy XIII.

So big. The magazine also has Hope's summon, Alexander, and brings word that Final Fantasy XIII will come with Final Fantasy XIV beta codes when it goes on sale in Japan.

Shonen Jump: FFXIII Chocobos, Alexander and FFXIV Beta Codes [Final Fantasy]


    Big fuzzy ears? Seriously? Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that looks horrible...

      Yeah I'm gonna agree, I've played essentially all the Final Fantasies there are (minus Crystal Defender and those mobile FF7 games) and seeing a chocobo like that just doesn't sit well.

    Oh no, not the Chocobos!

    The big fuzzy ears just doesn't work for them. It works for: Mog/Moogles, Cat/Cait Sith and Moombas.

    *Sighs* Another thing that puts me a little bit off XIII with the slightly strange design. The Chocobos looked perfectly fine before...

    What the, that's an odd look. Actually, the more I look at it, the less odd and the more stupid it looks.

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