Here's What Monster Hunter Tri Looks Like

Supposedly, the graphics of Wii exclusive Monster Hunter Tri are sexy. Sadly, I can't make that call having played the game on a Wii that was hooked up to a computer monitor that mangled whatever the game had to offer.

So instead, I give you these screen shots Capcom provided so you can make the call. What do you say?


    Very jaggy and blocky, but compared to other Wii games, this is quite ace. They look very nice when they're small though, hahaha
    But on anything 32" or bigger, =S
    I think the brightness of some of the settings only accentuates the jaggedness of the models.

    I still have a wii, only for this game. Been waiting patiently.

    Im guessing this is captured with te use of component cables and a small screen.

    This game uses assets from when it was a PS3 game.

    Looks like the PSP version scaled up.

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