Hey, It's The World's Fastest Graphics Card

Meet the ATI Radeon HD 5970. Why are we bothering to introduce you? Because the ATI Radeon HD 5970 is now the world's fastest graphics card, that's why.

Several PC tech-type sorts have put the new card through its paces and have found that it just blows right on by the previous record-holder, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 295.

Course, it had to. It's got two GPUs on the one card and will cost you around $US600.

I always knew the day would come where my 800GT felt truly inadequate. I believe that day is today.


    id drive myself insane if i was a pc gamer,always wanting the best graphics card only to find out its been shit on by a better one.ill stick with my 360 thanks

      I'd drive myself insane if I was a 360 owner,always wanting the best console only to find out its been shat on by the PS3.
      (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

    This is all well and good, but I bought a 4870X2 card last year and am still struggling with it. The drivers are what is holding it back. Every month the bring a new version, which part fixes something, but then breaks a fix from the previous month. I've lost count of the times its happened. There's very few games where I've seen any benefit from the two GPU's on board. More often than not, cat AI (which activates both gpu's) needs to be disabled to run so many games its just become a really sore point with me.

    Also, I see grim things ahead. There was a time that the console kids of today just don't know. That was when new titles would come out, and just BLOW the previous graphics level out of the water. This drove the hardware to become faster and more advanced. It was truely exciting. The buzz when the first farcry came out had ppl upgrading pc's in the thousands just to see what was capable.
    But, things just seem to be crawling these days. Progress has been stunted by the ps3's and xbox's lack of graphics power. With game company's the world over making games purely for console and giving PC user's rubbish ports makes me saddened to think how good things would look now on PC. I remember reading yonks ago that by 2010 PC's would be running graphics that consisted of real time ray-tracing, you know the kind of stuff you see in dreamworks movies. Seemed like a big ask when I read that (probably 5 years ago I guess) but I think we could have been close to it by now.

    I'm partly to blame, I have a ps3.

      I don't think the consoles are to blame. The simple fact is that the better the graphics, the more work it takes for the developers to make them. We're reaching the point where it costs tens of millions of dollars to make a good looking game now, to make them any better is going to cost even more money. Since only a small handful of companies can ever afford that, you can't count on a couple of guys in their garage to cause a breakthrough in graphics like the old days.

      While you're absolutely right, you have to consider the extra processing power being used for physics simulations and more advanced AI. This is certainly not the case with 100% of games though (far from it) and I too am surprised at how many new games get released that just don't look that great.

      I have seen a general decline in the quality of games over the years, I don't understand how developers find it acceptable to release a game where you can walk through some shallow puddles but not others, or where there are invisible walls jutting out from the wall you can actually see.

      "Normal" people are finding interest in games, not that they shouldn't, but as there are more of them than true gamers, people who really love games as a medium and form of entertainment, most devs seem more than happy to press the print money button and release the same, game with the same problems as they released last year, just adding some useless bullshit that doesn't change, let alone improve the gameplay.

      Makes me sad.

      The end.

    I used to go crazy for upgrading my PC, but there came a point where i realised that the money needed to be spent more wisely and that i was driving myself insane with such upgrades, thus im more than content to use my PS3 as my major gaming platform.

    Maybe if i was a bilionaire....

    I just wanted to comment in opposition to everyone else and say that I love my PC, much more than my PS3, and it's by FAR my gaming platform of choice :D

    Considering my Geforce 8800GTX (top of the line... at the end of 2006) still runs things like Fallout 3 and Dragon Age at full settings without breaking a sweat, I don't think there's much need for buying the bleeding edge every 5 minutes like people think PC gaming is all about...

      Amen to that. I run 2 x 8800GT's in SLI, and I haven't come across a game yet I've had to run at anything less than maxed settings.

    this is the reason i quit pc gaming. i was never a HC gamer but i used to like playing for a couple hours/night. it just costs way too much to upgrade every 6-12 months. this is where its handy to be a console gamer. you buy it once and thats it for a good 6 years. my current pc was purchased about a year ago and back then it was insanely powerful. i paid nearly $4000 for it. but now its better used as a door stop cause the only thing i am prepared to upgrade on it is the ram. ive spent an extra ~$200 on it for new ram and an extra tB hdd. being a non pc gamer that will now last me another 2-3 years as it is now. and also with all the hoops some companies make you jump through to get your game running is ridiculous!
    yeah i think i'll stick to my PS3. its way easier, cheaper and fun to use.

      You just gave yourself away as a complete idiot who doesn't know wtf their talking about. Go back to console land baby.

    lol I rarely update my PC, there's really no need too. I can currently run L4D2 at max quality with no lag, granted I did just upgrade my video card 3 months ago but before it was a bad quality one even at release. Still worked fine for me.

    Anyway, basically. If you give up PC gaming for console gaming because of upgrading, you obviously are depending on graphic quality too much. And if you're depending on graphic quality, why are you playing on 360/PS3?

    I'm hoping my GTX 285 lasts some time ... scotty doesn't know .. SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW!!! SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW!!! SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW!!! SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW!!! !!!

    your xbox360 is lamee.... I have owned 3 and they all failed me .. FAILED ME !!! ... the hardware I have on my computer now is far more powerful it pwns it left right and centre and I still rage on with a boner

    I cant help but think that if you are upgrading your PC every 6-12 months then you are doing something very wrong. The 8800 which was available 2 years ago it is now available for $150 - $100 pending where you look. Relate this to the amount of money you will save on games as a result of buying PC ($10 - $60 per game). You don't have to worry about every game turning into WOW if you have a 360. No need to pay for patches like on consoles. And suddenly $100 to $200 a year saving emerges for an average person. If you want 1/2 of this can be used to upgrade your computer, and you will still be able to play all games.

    People only prove their ignorance of PC gaming by thinking that people must have these beastly accessories to play games. That card probably has 2 or 3 times the power of a 360 and will not be fully utilized by anyone other than a complete extremist. It is possible to make a good gaming rig these days for about $600 - $800 and with the savings on games and DLC and playing online, not having to worry about buying stupid extras such as the $150 360 wireless kit, and its ability to be used for things other than games (these do exist, for example a gaming rig also makes using Photoshop so much faster). Plug it into your TV and use it as a media center.

    In the end it is your play style that matters. If you like sitting in front of the TV with a controller a console is your friend. If you like the ability to customize everything, save money and have flexibility get a computer. But in the end WE DON'T NEED POSTS SAYING THIS IS WHY I WON'T PLAY PC!!!! (yes 4 exclamation marks) This is no excuse.

    giveaway one of these gfx cards as a prize... to me ... ... . . yay.

    Desktop hardware is out of control atm..

    if you have a budjet for this kind of Desktop GPU... u may as well get your self a high end Alienware or Clevo gaming laptop..

    its more than powerfull enugh.

    IM looking forward to replacing my 9800m GT with a Ati mobile chip some time next year perhaps..

    mmmm CLEVO rock!

    All these people saying, "...and that is why I stopped pc gaming." Need to do us all a favour and off themselves.

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