Hideo Kojima A "Huge Fan" Of Twilight, Will Judge Your Fan Art

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is apparently a fan of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, opting in to judge a fan art contest themed around the second entry in the romantic vampire action series, New Moon.

That's according to a release from Japanese artist network pixiv—pretty much the overseas equivalent of deviantArt—which has tapped Kojima, Evangelion character designer and manga creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and Twilight manga artist Ryuji Gotsubo to judge a Twilight: New Moon fan art contest.

Kojima, who I'd wager aligns himself with Team Jacob, is reportedly a "huge fan" of Twilight, according to the Anime News Network's translation of the release. He'll contribute his expert opinion as well as a signed copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, apparently, to the list of grand prizes.

If you've got some Edward Cullen fan art lying around—perhaps in the Yoji Shinkawa style—you might want to get a Japanese speaking friend to register with pixiv and submit it on your behalf. Otherwise, expect this contest to be an "only in Japan" kinda thing.

The more cynical of you may see this as an attempt to broaden the exposure of things like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to a very passionate fan base. But I'm betting you're way, way off. Way off.

Eva, Metal Gear Creators Judge Twilight Art Contest [Anime News Network via GameSetWatch]


    I'm sorry but as fan of Hideo Kojima's work, i just felt a little part of me die inside.

      i know what you mean. i did a double take at the screen!

      I wholeheartedly agree there.

    really....that makes me want to go and burn all my kojima games

    ... how ... why ... but how

    all joke asside the flicks are meh at best and the books are the worst written pieces of shit ive ever been unfortunate enough to have my girlfriend describe to be (as well as read 20 pages of before i rage quit)

    Even Metal Gear Solid 2 failed to dissuade me from liking Hideo's work.

    This however is the deal-breaker.

    Twilight? The most god awful pile of drivel to go in to print in recent history? I was so very glad my wife never took an interest in the whole thing, which spares me from having to suffer through the movie or any of the books.

    Kojima-san Doesn't Have To Make Metal Gear Any More... UNLESS, he is considering some form of Twilight game...

    I'm not a fan of Twilight either but all your posts people are saying you never read it or watched it......how do you know it's bad (i do because i saw it) but how do YOU know?

    The book is one the biggest pieces of shit I've read in my life. How can people read this stuff?

    I feel so betrayed. I lost a bit of love for Hideo.

    Oggob, you are absolutly right, Hideo Kojima can't make anyother games except metal gear if he is considering making a Twilight game as his next game or anything related to that crap and its spawn.

    Oh and in regards to the last paragraph of the news post, for those of you who think that its an attempt to broaden the appeal of Metal Gear, and i highly doubt any of you are that silly, just think how impossible it is for a Twilight fan to apreciate the Metal gear series.

    Its like comparing crap to a work of art.

    I haven't even played any of his games (yes, burn me) and I feel dirty reading this.

    Don't see how such an influential figure in game design could see any merit in that garbage.

    Vamp will be coming back as a teenager with relationship issues.

    Why is everyone talking about Hideo making twilight games? all the article talks about is he is a fan of twilight, and he is judging a fan-art contest. i agree that the twilight series of books was not that great, and the movie was decent, but come on. maybe if some of the people read the article, the comments wouldn't be full of flames

    Well I just lost 50 or 70% of my respect for Mr Kojima.

    Really, Kojima? Seriously, a man who's all for great storytelling supporting the Twilight series? That's like a ninja supporting the rights of Pirates to live a long-and-not-stabbed life instead of slaughtering them mercilessly with either a concealed weapon of pointyness, a poison dart, or if need be, HIS BARE HANDS! Or a pair of bear hands, if they happen to be 'handy'.

    Maybe that explains why the romance scenes in his games are so awkward and cliched. Seriously though I just felt some of the memories of completing MGS1 for the first time turn sour.

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