Hitman Devs Working On Something New

IO Interactive, the guys behind the Hitman series and the excellent Mini Ninjas, have moved on to something else. Something that's nothing like either of those games, apparently.

According to a report on CVG, IO's mystery game (so it's not Kane & Lynch 2 or Hitman 5) is "unlike anything else", Unlike anything? Not quite. "Imagine all the violence of Hitman and Kayne & Lynch but not scripted", the site's source claims.

Well, if there's one thing IO do well, it's violence. Fingers crossed the studio's new owners, Square Enix, are a little better at PR than a standalone Eidos were. Hitman dev's secret game "unlike anything else" [CVG]


    i smell a sandbox

    I want a new Hitman game! One of the few series that I'd buy no matter what.

    Hitman all the way. They better be developing that aswell and not waiting til after.

    At least i'll get my Splinter Cell fix soon enough. Hopefully that can make up the time i miss out on Hitman. 2011 at leasssst for Hitman. I pray for 2010 Holiday though.

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