Holy Satire! Mass: We Pray Promises Church Gaming From Home

Supposedly Boston-based Prayer Works Interactive announced its Mass: We Pray church mini-game compilation today, a smart send-up of religious-themed gaming, complete with motion-sensing Cross Controller and wireless Kneeler accessory. I mean, this is a joke, right?

Yes, it must be. Playing Sign of the Cross, Holy Water-sprinkling, Collection-taking and Holy Communion-offering mini-games may sound like the content one would find in the average Wii mini-game comp, but the most obvious sign that this is a parody is the core premise. Mass: We Pray pitched as a "revolutionary videogame that allows families to go to church every day" a clear giveaway.

Go to church every day? No one does that!

If we did have faith that Mass: We Pray was an actual product, releasing Easter 2010, we'd definitely want to learn more at the official web site. Instead, we're just trying to figure out who's responsible for this.

Mass: We Pray


    video game: Convert those heathens!
    Bart: Yes! Gott'im!
    Todd: Nah you just winged him and made him a unitarian.
    Rod: Can we play now?
    Bart: You are playing. We're a team.
    Rod and Todd: YAY!

    LOL If they hadn't broken up, I'd have bet on Gathering Of Developers (GOD)

    The source code on their website includes a link to an addthis account with the name ryanbolls01.. Ryan Bolls was an interactive producer on a Nike campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, who also did the viral ad for 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot' (as in, WK has Electronic Arts as a client)... Electronic Arts will soon be releasing Mass Effect 2...

    Ok, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but...

    Saw this on Pharyngula this morning.

    Also, employees of W+K seem to be tweeting the link around. I might have the game wrong, but wouldn't be surprised if they're the agency responsible. Dante's Inferno maybe another possibility, or a spinoff of Mass Effect that's capable of working on the Wii?

    Uhh, you do realize that this is a viral ad for Dante's Inferno? Click on the 'More Information' link by the developers info and it'll open up a video and message relating to Dante's Inferno...

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