How 2010 Is Actually Christmas 2009 (In Disguise)

Remember how Christmas used to be a time of too many games, not enough time? Yeah, well, not this year. This year is a little off. Christmas 2009 will actually be taking place in early 2010.

With last week's announcement that Final Fantasy XIII would be out in March, it quickly became the centrepiece of an already jam-packed lineup of big-money, AAA titles forming the strongest Q1 lineup this industry has ever seen.

I mean, get a look at this list of games due between January and March next year. And these aren't every game coming out; they're just the big ones. It's incredible.


Mass Effect 2 Army of Two: The 40th Day Bayonetta Darksiders Dark Void MAG No More Heroes 2


BioShock 2 Lost Planet 2 Dante's Inferno Splinter Cell: Conviction Napoleon: Total War Star Trek: Online


Final Fantasy XIII Command & Conquer 4 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Sure, some of those games were always going to be released then. Final Fantasy XIII, for example. But many of those are Modern Warfare 2 refugees, titles that were originally planned for release in late 2009, then moved to avoid being crushed underfoot by Activision's money-printing juggernaut.

It'll be really interesting to see how they fare. If any of the bigger games underwhelm at the register, publishers will no doubt blame the increased competition for gaming dollars at a time of year not normally associated with big spending.

But if we get a series of big-selling blockbusters... well, it'll send a clear signal to publishers: it's OK, guys, you don't have to flood the market in November. You can release a game in March and we'll still buy it.



      Agreed, it's the only game I'm actually wanting at all out of all of those, minus FFXIII.

        And thats one of the games that don't interest me.

    Bloody Hell...7 Games in 2 Months that I want to pick up...

    This is insanity at its best, didnt they realise in trying to escape the crowded November period, they've created something far worse?

    Lets hope people are still spending in Jan-March after their christmas hangovers...

    Isn't God Of War coming out in March?

    Hopefully some developers will now move titles forward to take advantage of the dead Christmas!

      Especially since MW2 doesnt really interest me that much on any level (single or multi) esp with the steam price rought and multi player fiasco.
      Screw activision and its money hungry demeaner. Send another game company with something new and cool my way for gods sake. Oh well Im enjoying Borderlands and Dragon age (both for $50 AUD thanks to great exchange rates) for now...

    Mass Effect 2 = definately.
    Splinter Cell = yeah most likely.
    Napoleon: Total War = still angry with Creative Assembly over this 'expansion' but most likely.

    Still not as bad as this month - 3 new releases in 3 weeks. Why do I have to go to work? :P


    Mass Effect 2
    Army of Two: The 40th Day
    Star Trek: Online
    Command & Conquer 4
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2


    BioShock 2
    Lost Planet 2
    Dante’s Inferno
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Final Fantasy XIII


    STARCRAFT II. One can only hope :)

      Its coming its coming its GET AWAY FROM ME its coming it is first half first half of the...year first half first...

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