How Much Did Gran Turismo 5 Cost To Make?

Gran Turismo 5 has been years in the making. Last time we checked, years are not cheap. Years are expensive.

When asked by AutoWeek about the game's budget, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi dropped this price tag: $US60 million.

"There are other games that cost more," Yamauchi added. "Considering the size and scale of the game, I think it's probably a fairly small amount."

Other games that cost more? Games like Shenmue or Grand Theft Auto IV?

With Polyphony Digital's know-how and expertise, the game probably cost less that it could have considering the lengthy development cycle. But then again, GT5 is apparently 50 times more than the first Gran Turismo. We're not sure if that amount includes marketing and what not.

If Yamauchi and his team curbed the dev cycle and turned around the game in a more timely fashion, they could have brought down the game's budget even more. Not our money, though! Perhaps the inevitable GT6 won't take as long — or cost as much.

SEMA show: More news on the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 video game [AutoWeek Thanks David!]


    Well considering GT5 takes 2 Blu-ray discs (apparently/rumour) I'm not surprised.

    2 things i'm just guessing really...

    1) if it is 2-discs i would imagine the second disc being content that you install to your ps3 perhaps or something. that way you don't swap discs to play like in games on the 360. kinda like playing fallout 3 GOTY and installing the DLC.

    2) The longer dev time is obviously it being on the PS3. They had to learn to dev for it compared to the PS2 where they released more than 1 game. The next one i would imagine would take less time if they decided to do another with the most likely DLC they will release over the year(s).

    Oh and that article link to the budget of GTA - i wouldn't say MGS4 would have had a $120 million budget. Could be wrong - guess we won't know without confirmation. But that would be silly... it is a popular franchise but nothing compared to the GTA where it would be guaranteed to make its money back and a hefty profit too. If it was $120mil then they are stupid for no 360 release personally.

    Gran Turismo 5 will be epic!!!! .... Kazunori Yamauchi IS KING!!!! GT GT GT!

    heres hoping they spent some money on computer AI - straight line driving not acceptable in 2009.

    lets not look past turn 10 here,who have put out 2 very complete and polished forza games while gt5 is still in development.people waiting for gt5 to change the world are gonna be very dissapointed when they get it and realise its hardly better than forza.anyways while the ps3 crowd wait a little longer for their so-called saviour turn 10 move on to their next racing game.

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