How Much Did It Cost To Make Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 has made about a bazillion dollars so far around the world, but that's not all profit. You've got to subtract the game's development costs. And for such a polished game, those must be pretty high...

And they are. An LA Times report on the game's launch says the game "cost $US40 million to $US50 million to produce". That's, uh, a lot. Gran Turismo 5 has cost $US60 million so far, but that game's been in development for five years, not the two it took to get MW2 out the door.

So, yes, if you were wondering how Activision got so much detail, Fiddy and Keith David into the game, that's how they did it. By throwing money at it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 video game gets Hollywood-scale launch [LA Times]


    Well if MW2 cost 40m to make I guess Dragon Age Origin cost 400m to make seeing as MW2 is just a 4hour campaign FPS with some copy pasted MP (if you can even call it MP on PC lol)

      Haters gonna hate.

        ...and fanbois will always defend the object of their desire.. even if it is broken and over rated..

          Oh no you did ent!

    fuck thats a lot of monies to punch out more sub par games.... how long untill this degerated into
    (lube up now cause here it comes)
    MW3 (AKA MW10)

      I reckon 2/3 of the cost was allocated to the marketing team.

        I understand why its that high and no way is that including marketing.

        marketing alone with be that much

        And the rest

    Must have cost a lot of money to reuse the same engine from Call of Duty 4.

    $15-20 of that went to the guys doing the PC port

    Sure are a lot of dudes hanging around here who don't like video games...

      I can't believe ppl are bagging COD MP. It's some of the best MP I've ever played. COD4 and GTA4 are the only MP games I've gone back to after not playing for several months.

        You only like it because youre a fanboy whos played nothing else decent in their life.

    I just finished it.
    Big frickin D.

    Don't call me a hater, but I guess the hype, and the unbalanced multiplayer might've ruined it. I'll keep playing, i hope it gets better.

    All I'm saying is when you've never played a COD the multiplayer's shite.

      Totally agree, unless you do nothing else with your spare time the MP is just a lesson in being sniped by campers.
      Only for the hardcore 1337 - no place in it for someone who just wants a bit of fun.

    For that price I would've liked a few more hours of Single Player, as it is it feels like it needs a epilogue or to finish out the story. It feels like it's been intentionally left hanging for the inevitable sequel. Pissed me off in Halo 2, pissed me off here.

      Yeah I like how the whole goal of the game is to kill a guy who doesn't seem to exist in the last 5 levels.

    thats not a big budjet at all.. every ones getting conned by Activision MW2 is just reselling the same Quake3 based shit they have been selling for years.

    Props to the Editors at IW.. but seriously.. MW2 is a OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD style of game for dumb people

    GTA4 cost like 150million

    of the 50million i bet you activision spent 40million on marketing and only 10million to make the game..

    ITS 2 years of IW on level editors THATS NOT $$

    Something tells me the vast majority of that was spent on team leads and bonus' for the head honchos rather than the game itself.

    Single Player = 5 Hrs
    Game cost = 50 million to make

    That is 10 million an hour of campaign

    Or $166,666 per minute.

    For that kinda cash it could of been a better game. IW blows

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