How The World Reacts To A New Release


    Gold!!! Looking forward to the Luxembourgish translation of "Love is a heart tiger to my sword". LOL.

    most violent crime rate on earth?
    first, what is a violent crime rate?
    and second, huh?

      I reckon. Could that be anymore wrong? Our crime rate is exceedingly low when compared to other nations, and the media plays nothing but "family friendly" and "underdog vs corporation" stories on the news.

      I know right, it's terrible that someone would say something like that about us.... it makes me want to.... murder someone with a hammer, or at least commit "vehicular manslaughter".


        It's because everyone else in the world thought Wolf Creek was a documentary.

          isnt it a wine?

          I know right, True Events not True Story.

          Don't the yanks have some movie called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Oh and those university campus stories too.

        Haha, whoever did that is either arrogant or didn't do their research. It should have been:

        "Banned. Determined unsuitable for all citizens. Forced to pay twice as much as the rest of the world regardless of exchange rate or mode of distribution."

        (I'm referring to the recent Steam price hikes by the way).

        Read the rest of them guys (especially no3). Its not exactly supposed to be taken seriously...

          but the humour lies in the satire on the true facts.
          not funny if you make something up and make fun of that...

          I take it you haven't read number 10 just yet...

    Funny, I thought our crime rate was low? Stats wise...

    murders: 32nd of 49
    robberies: 17th of 47

    total crime rates us as number 1, but that includes piracy, suicide etc.

    Oh well, good thing I think Gamespy is the biggest load of trash ever anyway!

    i lol'd...

    now i'm off to shank some foo's and molest babies that are being eaten by dingo's.

    and @f4cti0n - Suicide is a crime now? lol i imagine that would be hard to police..
    "sir, he leapt off a belcony and died on impact"
    "Bastard, i'll see him rot in jail for this!"

      Specifically speaking about my comment, I was merely informing that the statistics I was referencing included that as a factor. It also included 'attempted' bike theft (which I encountered a few times doing security work, the police don't really care if nothing is taken) and public intoxication, so "crime rates" are an incredibly vague term.

      Technically, it IS a crime to attempt suicide... depending on your location. Victorians are free to kill themselves all day long, just don't fail at it, police can use all reasonable force to stop you, short of killing you ;)

      The police shot and killed a man because he was committing suicide recently.

      Suicide was made illegal so that police etc are able to prevent someone from committing suicide. If it wasn't illegal, they wouldn't be able to stop someone from jumping in front of a train or off a bridge. They don't prosecute suicide attempters, though.

        Instead of making suicide illigal I say lets just ban public transport and tall buildings. Easier for everyone..

    What is the only crime you can be charge for if you attempt and fail, yet not be punished for if you commit successfully...???? Suicide.

    Sorry if you've seen it, but jeeze this had me chuckling for ages.

      creating a new identity for yourself

      if you get caught it obviously wasnt done right so you fail and get punished

    Tame in comparison to the news? Try comparing it to our safety ads. There is no message the government hasn't tried to get across with an extremely graphic ad campaign.

    Seriously, any non-Australians reading this, check out TAC and Worksafe ads on YouTube.

    Fail. I can't tell which part is funnier, the violent crimes or the local news apparently being violent.

    Swing and a miss.

    australia is a violent crime ridden cess pool.. it's proven fact.

      Australia is a cesspool. With or without violent crimes.

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