How To Survive A Trip To GameStop

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    that was seriously the worst comic ive ever seen.

      Yet it also applies to EB games.

        Funny about that, them being the same company and all.

          EB were like that long before Gamestop bought them...

            Probably why they bought them.

            That said, I still go to my local EB.
            They've got a cute girl working there.

    What a load of sh*t - treat store employees with a little respect, they are merely doing what they are told to do - much like most people do in their job. I have a double degree, diploma and various certificates, yet I choose to work for EB games. Does this make me idiotic?
    Furthermore, EVERY retail store will push add ons during a sale - do you want fries with that? How about an extended warranty? Memory card? Businesses are there to make money - do you think I go to work for the thrill of dealing with internet trawling game fanatics who believe I am interested in their gamerscore?

      "I have a double degree, diploma and various certificates, yet I choose to work for EB games. Does this make me idiotic?"

      Unless you have degrees in how to be a Lowly store employee, than yes, you are idiotic.

      why would i want to treat you guys with respect on the rare occasion i buy your expensive games(normally because youve broken streetdate and JB hasnt) you look at me with a deep seated hatred because of my PC purchases, and lo and behold if i actually want to order a PC game that theve decided not to stock

      no wonder PC gamers pirate because unless they have a decent history with steam or sum such theres little difference between piracy and online purchase (still takes the same time to download)

      and dont get me started on asking you guys to actually pricematch a competitor

        Paranoid much?

    Sad but true, and yeah, it dose apply to EB games.

    How to survive if you're the most socially awkward ***wad around that has no life more like.

    i think it onyl partially allplies to EB games i go in from time to time to pre order stuff (im quite poor and have to preorder my games a few months ahead to time to slowly pay em off because ioll never have that kind of money all at once at least not that i can spen all at once)any way im getting away from my pouint i have never been heckled about stratagy guides and preorders and no i will never buy a strat guide why waste the money learn it live it love it

    Actually I worked for EB Games for 8 years in management positions and this is EXACTLY what its like, the unorganized tables, the diseased demo units, the soccor mums.. oh and yes, some of the people that work there ARE retards.
    No im not disgruntled with the the corporation i could care less, but brainwashed minions running a sham of an operation at a store level.. spot on.

    in my opinion this more closely relates to GAME. i don't think iv'e ever seen one of their demo units working and they push more than any other company when it comes to add-ons

    Having worked at EB Games the comic is pretty much spot-on, but what Rich Woodall has said is as well. I've been working with JB Hi-Fi for the last few months and they use similar methods when it comes to selling consoles.

    Completely agree with this comment lol. I hate the way EB pushes all that crap on you then when you decline they look at you in amazement..

    I hate seeing soccer moms go into the store and pay $120 for a game when they could have price matched JB for $79.. but the EB clerk says "yeah its good value too!! only $120!".

    love the third to last point,

    ended up returning a game twice because i wasnt happy with the condition the cover was it, meh at least they were easy to deal with when i wanted to swap it

    JB staff shit me the most. they always seem lost or shuffle me off to someone else or make me wait at a counter for half an hour.

    the EB i go to and GAME, the staff are generally friendly and nice to chat too.

    this doesn't apply to the be all and end all. i find a little common courteousness upfront never hurts when dealing with clerks.

    I am one myself, in a video shop, and i think it always works both ways.

      Spot on....

      A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way in my shop. If you are pleasant to me I'll happily treat you with respect and give you a good deal..... if you act like I've slapped you in the face when all I do is ask if you need a hand, don't complain or act shocked when I won't match a price for you. Simple.

        HERE HERE!

        I work in one of the gaming specialist stores and if i ask you "Hi, How are you going today?" I certainly don't expect you to turn to me with a look of disgust and say in a snappy tone "I'm just looking!". Retailers do have some discretions when it comes to pricing and we certainly only give nice people discounts or the "never been used" Pre-owned games. If you treat us like people with the plague or attack us for doing our job then you are not welcome in my store!

        And one more thing if we make virtually no money on consoles so stop asking "if i pay cash how much of a discount can i get?" you don't walk into a Big W or a Kmart and haggle so why do you expect us to??

          I am sure you are a nice shopkeeper, but after so many encounters with unhelpful staff it becomes a conditioned response.

          Even if you could provide helpful information, it doesn't matter if the customer is instantly put off. Is there some other way you could approach customers that wouldn't trigger this response?

      About JB, one of my friends worked JB for christmas last year. She kept getting told to work the Games section despite knowing NOTHING about games at all. So you've probably encountered another poor soul who has been dumped in a role they aren't 'supposed' to do. My local JB always has a guy who (genuinely) knows about games, so it's a lot better.

    If you want to proper examples of how to run a store badly, visit a gametraders. They don't even advertise or worry about promo boxes on the shelves.
    Eb overcharage, but at least the price match, so the only real idiots are the ones prepared to pay.

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