id: Probably No Dedicated Servers For Rage

id Software's John Carmack is mindful of the anger over Modern Warfare 2 dropping dedicated server support. That's why he's glad Infinity Ward is going first, because he plans to do the same thing with Rage.

"It's not cast in stone yet, but at this point no, we don't think we will have dedicated servers," he said, according to Variety. But he's glad "we won't have to be a pioneer on that. We'll see how it works out for everyone else."

News that Infinity Ward was dropping dedicated server support in favour of everyone playing online through its new matchmaking service IWNet touched, off, predictably, a petition-fuelled backlash from a PC community that had long used dedicated servers to play Call of Duty games. Carmack, Variety said, indicated the felt the servers are a relic of PC gaming's early days.

Dedicated Servers and Rage - News You Probably Don't Want to Hear [Variety]




    sorry, I had to do it.


    im going to change hobbies. I hear knitting is fun!

    Come on PC gamers, if you don't regard what John Carmack says as truth, you're as detached from gaming as you all seem.


    So, in this matchmaking scheme, does one of the player's PC act as the server? Or would the developer provide servers that players are randomly matched onto?

    It might still sell on console if they make it for that. I will not be buying any pc games that don't have dedicated servers. getting a good ping from Australia can prove to be almost impossible. Did anyone ever try playing Grid on pc multiplayer? That was the worst thing ever.

    dumb question, but how do the consoles do it???


      Most console multiplayer is hosted on a console players by a person playing the game other players connect through a server that guesses it would be a good game for them to join. Pings are random and it can take forever to find a server for you to join. Unless you have a friend who you can join in a game and skip the match making bull.

    Heh, guess they don't want my money. Oh well.


        Second seconded!

    Outdated? Like hell it is.

    The matchmaking system IW are using in MW2 is limiting games at 9v9 and presenting most people with massive latency issues, how is that better than a supposedly "outdated" system.

    give me the choice to buy your SP mode cos ill pay for that provided its reasonably priced

    although i didnt know Rage had actuall MP till now so currently no big loss

    expected at most sumthing like a co-op

    So does this mean that pc's are catching up to what consoles have done for years?

    >>indicated the felt the servers are a relic of PC gaming’s early days.

    never thought I'd hear such tripe from a veteran as him. It's almost as bad as all the smacktards yelling, "PC gaming is dying"

    I wont be buying, this or MW2 either now.

    Good, more cash in my pocket.

    At the end of the day, it will not affect short term sales, but will NOT promote long term re-playability.

    It will not hinder 90% of their profit, but they won't create a "great" game, which arguably they don't intend to do, and thus don't care about.

    It's sad, but true :(

    Donkey, do you even have the slightest clue of what you're talking about?

    Dedicated and Listen servers BOTH originated on the PC platform, long before console based multi-player existed. "Peer to Peer" as they are now referring to them, is a Listen server.

    In most cases, games supported dedicated only, or dedicated -and- listen. This is not a case of "PC's catching up" to consoles, this is more simply, a case of Consoles stunting and in these cases, REVERSING the evolution of PC gaming, in favour of a much simpler, dumbed down architecture.

    In short, they want PC games to either cease existing, or be as [email protected]#%ing stupid as console because it means it's cheaper for them to produce, which means they can keep charging the same and make more money.

    Developers and Publishers can keep blaming piracy for all their problems, but at the end of the day they're only kidding themselves.

    It's a simple question: Do you spend all your time, energy and money trying to stop piracy? Or do you put it towards actually making games people will want to buy in the first place? Wake up: A crap game will be always be crap, no matter how much sugar you pour over it.

    Does anyone REALLY care about ID Software anymore?

    I wasn't even sure they were still making this game.

    It's been SO LONG since ID put out a great game, Doom 3 was merely 'good' at best, and quake 4 and quake wars were very, very meh.

    @Justin Robson:
    John Carmack USED to be the PC gaming messiah, but now he'd much rather rehash his entire backlog on iphone than make a new good PC game

    I find this VERY hard to believe coming from someone like Johnny here.

    What a load of crockshit. I play games with Dedicated servers because it gives the game a sense of community. I can log in to the same servers everyday and still play with the same people.

    I don't want to keep playing anonymously, and if I have some friends that I like playing with, it's too tiring to get them to log on the same time EVERY DAY in order to have fun with them. Worse still... no mods? pffft. As much as developers say otherwise, Matchmaking NEVER works as well as they think it does in la-la land. There will always be griefers and cheaters that would not be able to be kicked during the game and thus you get a horrible play session.

    Sure dedicated servers have the same problem... but guess what. I can leave the server and never come back if the administrator is abusing his privileges which is something I can't do in matchmaking because I lose "rank points".

    Way of the future? Matchmaking and Dedicated servers both originated on the PC. And PC gamers have shown that they like dedicated servers. The way of the future? More like backtracking.

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