Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Online Issues Server Related

Having problems getting online to play Modern Warfare 2, PlayStation 3 owners? You're not the only one. The game is experiencing connectivity issues, but they're not related to the software patch issued earlier today, says Infinity Ward.

Robert Bowling, the developer's creative strategist, says that server capacity is to blame, not the recent patch that shipped to address PS3 trophy and matchmaking bugs.

"It's a server overload not a bug in the code," Bowling wrote on his Twitter account, saying that a patch won't fix immediate multiplayer problems. "They're working to have servers back up ASAP." And by they, Bowling is referring to the third-party providers that host PlayStation 3 multiplayer traffic.

"Xbox Live servers are maintained and ran by Microsoft," Bowling explains. "PSN servers are ran and maintained by 3rd party companies hired to do so." He says that Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer "will be available as soon as Demonware gets the servers back online ASAP."

In the meantime, keep us up to date on your experience with the online portions of the game.


    So just because ps3 server are ran by 3rd partie companies, mean that the online play quality is less??? Is that what Bowling is implying? Who paid this guy off...


    omg i had my copy at midnight monday had a g8 night off playing.
    only to get up on tuesday to find out i cant invite friends to games or join a friends game.
    thusday did the up date now cant even get online. god dam am that close to re starting my 360 account and play it on that hope its fixed soon.

      Sorry dude, offtopic but "g8 time" is "ghey time".

        Actually, Stinky.....If anything it would be "gate time" unless you wanna refer to you see what your mind wants to. In wich case you wanna see a "Ghey time". If you wanna say you only use the eigh in the number 8 then time, then your just to illiterate to read in general. So congratulations you are now both "ghey" and dumb.

    I'm having no problems playing at all online. I get in to a game fairly easily and once in, if I have a red bar I don't get the noticeable lag like in previous COD games. So no complaints from a PS3 user here in Canberra, Australia.

      I've noticed this too. Previously if you had a red bar you had to leave because it was going to be shockingly laggy. But this time round it seems a whole lot better.

      How ever I've noticed the chance of disconnecting from a game when you have a red bar is significantly higher.

      In regards to friends invites and such, try this guys...

      1. The party leader sends invites to all

      2. Before accepting the invitation to join the party, press the PS button and LOG OUT of PSN

      3. Log in again and NOW accept the invitation.

      4. Play your game

      I've found this works majority of the time.

    My ps3 is gonig to the connecting with matchmaking srever and it wont go any further my signing is ggod and my connection is good but my freinds 360 works fine im mad better get it done quick

    Servers? I thought xbox live was peer to peer?

      I'm pretty sure they're talking about the match-making server. The actual matches are hosted by the player deemed to have the best connection but the system that brings the players together is handled by a dedicated match-making server (and I think the pre-game listings are too).

      On the subject of match-making, I'm so, so annoyed Infinity Ward chose to make it always use 'local preferred' without the option of changing it 'local only'. I may get into an American room within 45 seconds but I'd rather spend 15 minutes waiting for a local game.

        Same here - I played a game last night where I shot a guy with a sniper rifle, and then at least 2 seconds later the shot registered. It was completely and utterly ridiculous

    hey anyone know when it will be running sweet ? maybe 2night would be good

    THey make HEAPS of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from this franchise.... They can't supply quality to the foundation/backbone of the game MP!???? Meh!


    Fuck You PSN. cant even sign in now..Modern warfare was good tuesday from 1am til 5.30 am but now its fucked. come on and fix this shit

    Its fucking rediculous that the online issues of past Call of Duty's havent been fixed. It took me an hour to find a local Aus game with decent connection then the host changes and the connection is fucked again...

    I am also havin problems with the match making server, at the moment i have been waiting for 2 and a half hours for it just to connect to it. but for you people that are trying to find a local game next friday (15/1/2010) at the latest i will have a new internet connection running at 20,000 kbps, so if it helps you can add me and try and join my games, psn name is kpow-leader and i live central NSW. mention this post in your "request to add a friend" email so i know why your adding me. Happy gaming people

    attention infinityward/matchmaking server,i can't connect MOdern warfare2 to the at Kuwait..few days back i can able to connect,but now,suddenly no connection to server..pls advice me if there's some update regarding my ethernet connection problem or the server itself having problem?reply asap..jampet_2004

    Gawd, okay. It's been awhile since I've played MW2, and I wait HOURS for the match- making servers; and all the time, I just give up & sign off because it takes too long or it never loads. :\

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