Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare PS3 Fixes Going Live

Kotaku has fielded many complaints from PlayStation 3 users that their version of Modern Warfare 2 has been ridden with bugs. Trophies weren't registering. Friends couldn't be invited. Word from Infinity Ward is that a new patch corrects the problems.

From the Twitter feed of IW creative strategist Robert Bowling:

PS3 Status: Patch successful. Trophy Unlocks on PS3 now available in Single Player & Spec Ops. Adding more servers to meet MP demand.

We've got requests in to IW and Activision for more details about bugs PS3 gamers have been reporting. Let us know if the latest patch fixes things.


    Is that customer service from IW??? Cant be can it???

    Australian MW2 players! Hark!

    if you are attempting to invite a friend into a game of co-op or multi MW2 and it will not work with the "this game session is no longer available" message. do the following:

    -have your friend send you an invite

    -sign out of the PSN (hit (PS) then navigate to account management, select triangle /\ and sign out)

    - Sign Back into PSN

    - Accept Game invitation

    i dont know why it works, it makes zero sense and its stupid as hell. but it DOES work, i tested it with me and several mates last night and we were able to successfully group in multi and coop modes.

    not good thow

    Unfortunately I finished the campaign just before the patch went live but I played through a few levels about 2mins ago and it now works fine.

      (Trophies would not load before the patch)

    Add dedicated servers for the pc to make it actually playable.. Not "meet demand" make it actually "good and how MP has been online for 10+ years"...
    Cheap @#$#@!'ers

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