International Edition Of FFXIII *Could* Be Out Before April 2010

This December, the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII is going to be released in Japan — and if we are lucky, it might be out in The West before next April.

At a recent financial briefing in which Square Enix announced that sales were up 33.2 per cent and profits dropped 55.7 per cent, Square Enix Yoichi Wada stated "progress is good" on the international version of FFXIII. Currently, it is possible to get the multi-platform game out this financial year, which ends in April 2010. Of course, this is not dependent merely on the game's development and there will be an official announcement at a later date.

No clarification on whether Wada was discussing both the North American and European version or not.

スクウェア・エニックス、「2010年3月期 第2四半期決算説明会」を開催 [GAME Watch]


    How long does it take to translate from Japanese to English ?

      Well they have to translate every last bit of dialog and text in the entire game. And including the fact they have to record all the voices in English and then alter the cinematics and the game engine so that it all is in sync. So quite a while. Plus I would assume it's only a team on 5-10 people overseeing the whole translation and localization.

        No excuse.

        If Kojima Productions, Capcom and Namco Bandai can do it for worldwide release, Square Enix can do it. It's just poor planning and backwards dev thinking.

        The International market is a much bigger market than japan, Square and Nintendo seem to be the only game companies from that region that still dont seem to get that.

        Not to mention we'll be dumped into the PAL bucket again and have to wait for the game to also get Italian, German etc translations done, so we'll be a good half a year behind America as usual.

        PS3 owners can obviously get around that, but I'm not sure about Squeenix's region locking track record on the 360. I assume because they're a Japanese publisher they do it just to **** us off, of course.

      a lot longer than you think :p

      Localization team is usually pretty dedicated, so maybe 20+ for a production this big.

      Adding to Howie's, they have to translate Manuals, websites, marketing materials, etc.

    April? APRIL?

    /heap asplodes.

    That's mighty exciting.

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