iPhone Bejeweled 2 Gets Free Blitz Update

What's the only thing more addictive than Bejeweled 2 on the iPhone? How about Bejeweled 2 with links to the Facebook version? A free update from PopCap gives iPhone players just that.

Bejeweled Blitz is the Facebook version of PopCap's popular jewel-twisting puzzle game, which gives players a minute to rack up the highest score humanly possible in order to brag to their friends. Now PopCap brings that functionality to the iPhone version of the game, allowing players to try and beat their Facebook friends anywhere in the bathroom world.

"Ultimately, social gaming is about being able to play games with and against your friends, and the new Blitz update for Bejeweled 2 on iPhone lets you play against your friends anywhere," explained John Vechey, co-founder and director of PopCap's social gaming initiative. "This is a natural next stage in our multi-platform and social strategies. Blending the Facebook and iPhone Bejeweled communities should prove very compelling for players."

For those of you who've never played Bejeweled, it's basically Puzzle Quest without the RPG elements. Captain Backwards Description strikes again!


    Suddenly I've just been given a reason to finally give in and buy Bejewelled from the App Store. I remember remember my wife talking about how the only thing missing from the iPhone version was the Blitz mode. She'll be happy now I suspect.

    It doesn't have the same scoring system and bonuses as the facebook one! I'll never match others scores!

      wait I stand corrected.

    yes they dont have the speed bonus like facebook does that is the only thing i dong like. still put up a 163000 game but wont get those 200000

    200,000? I'm able to pull 400s on the PC :P
    I guess this isn't half bad then for a free update :D

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