Is This Game Ripping Off Mario Galaxy?

Duludubi Star is a Chinese PC game and looks familiar. Very, very familiar. Maybe even, too familiar. Watch gameplay here and check out the game's screen shots.


    Thats funny, its pretty much a direct rip. But with better graphics.

    China Quality. I suppose they need games to play that won't upset their "core socialist value system", after all...

    Eh, the graphics look worse in my opinion. A lot of it seems really rough and blocky.

      Sarcasm is undetectable on the internet apparently...

    Is it me, or in one of those photos they merged Steelix with an Angler fish?

    Too bad they could think of a longer name so when isolated certain words would spell URMRSTRAIGHT

    OMG, Poor piranha plant. Yeah the graphics look less stylized and more "Chunky" then Mario Galaxy.

    Nintendo doesn't sell the Wii in China (Hong Kong doesn't count), so technically its not a rip-off, but a product that fills the void.

    Super Bubble Bobble Galaxy PC.

    ...Music sounds way too much like Kingdom Hearts too!

    IP means jack all in there, we should've expected this long ago. Did they come up with a fake Wii too by any chance?

    I see nothing wrong with these sets of screen shots. Everything looks A-OK and legit. Yessir.

    Seems Legit
    Its Good To see people coming up with original ideas

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