Is This The Future Of Aion?

Mass bannings weren't the only Aion-related business from NCSoft today. No, the MMO publisher also found the time to release this mysterious, nine-minute teaser trailer for the game.

Called simply "AION Vision", it shows sweeping visual upgrades to the game, along with a battle sequence that MMO fans could only dream of. There's even a Shadow of the Colossus cameo.

It's obviously hinting at the direction NCSoft hope the MMO will be taking in the near future, but question is, when - if ever - will this stuff be implemented? And when it is, will anyone on Earth have a PC that can actually run it?


    I would love to actually play this but I have a nagging feeling that it will either never eventuate or I will need a monolithic computer sent from the future.

    PS if reading this in the future please send me a monolithic computer :)

      @ ResonanceCascade

      lol, that made my day a bit brighter :-)

    hahaha.. the graphics only look good because they applied dynamic lighting to it. the graphics themselves remain unchanged. oh how much lighting can change a game :)

    I Freakin LOVE Aion!, Bring on the updates! mmm player housing; not to mention the awesome looking mounts, bonk a mob on the head then ride away on it, now that's cool!

    Methinks they're simply updating from the old CryTek engine to the new one. Also, swimming, finally. Does anyone else find it interesting that Aion has only been out for a little while and they're already in the process of updating the graphics, while WoW is five years old and has never been re-touched? ;)

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