It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Pizza Delivery Boy

When a string of successful pizza restaurants starts to go under, only one boy can step in and save the day — Pizza Delivery Boy. Guess which platform Majesco's latest is an exclusive on?

If you guessed the Nintendo Wii, we aren't even going to give you credit, because it's pretty much a no-brainer. Developed by Attractive Games LTD, Pizza Delivery Boy has the player delivering pizza to survive, unlocking faster vehicles and extra cash along the way through side missions like street racing and baking competitions. Players use the Wii remote as a combination all-in-one cooking utensil/driving wheel. It sounds a bit like Cooking Mama meets Paperboy, which translates quite nicely into the sexy fan-fiction I've been writing.

Pizza Delivery Boy is slated for a winter 2010 release. Finally a game that pizza delivery personnel can sit around playing, bitching about the lack of realism.


    Still waiting for someone to bring back Pizza Tycoon. That was an awesome game!

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