Jill Valentine In Resident Evil: Afterlife?

Actress Sienna Guillory appeared in flick Resident Evil: Apocalypse as character Jill Valentine, but was M.I.A. in the third film, Resident Evil: Extinction. rumours have it that there was a contract dispute with the actress.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson is currently filming Resident Evil: Afterlife and star Milla Jovovich tweeted this tidbit: "Valentine MAY be back." That also means she may not be back.

Perhaps, Guillory worked out her contract issues or perhaps the producers are bringing on another actress altogether to play Valentine.

Valentine to Return in Resident Evil: Afterlife? [ShockTillYouDrop.com]


    Guillory looks so damn hot in that costume, anyone else but her in that role will not do... She pretty much is one of the forgiving features of the Apocalypse flick. Paul, pay her money, lots of money.

      yeah true

      i thought she wasnt in the last one cos of a filming clash with eragon

        LOL @ eragon ... i saw that movie and slept through most of it then at the end they set it up for a sequel buuuuuuuut i dont think thats gonna happen LOL


    I'd tap that

    Wasn't Guillory in one or two of the shots Kotaku posted up recently? If so, I doubt she would've been on set, in costume, with the other actors if she wasn't going to be in the film.

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