Judge Takes Day Off To Play Modern Warfare 2

"Will Statton" - not his real name - is 48 years old. And when Modern Warfare 2 was released, he was up at midnight to get an early copy, then took the next day off to play. Problem?

See, according to a report in Britain's The Times, Will (guess he was spilling anonymously) not only bought the game and stayed up late, he called in the next morning and said he was "sick", when really he was up to his eyeballs in knife-fights and dead Russians.

Harmless day off, you say? Would be, were "Will" not a judge. A judge of 15 years, at a county court in Britain.

Some will be upset at this, and think a judge is too important a man to blow off a day's work for some video games. But you know what? Judges have to play games too, man. Judges have to play games too.

Meet the secret gamers [The Times, via VG247]


    I dunno, that judge in the picture looks pretty damn happy about reading that book.

    Nice shoes! Judges are human too, I would like to asume the following. He's middle aged and by his job one would assume a certain degree of maturity. Hence, he won't have an xbox. Perhaps he got a free ps3 when buying a flat screen? No, flat screens don't suit the decor of his english cottage. Therefore he must be a PC player. Being a judge, you would think he would research his decisions and would have known the disgrace of no lean. So I judge him to be morally weak, and hence I have stronger morals as my own mw2 boycott continues!!!

    Mmmmmm Columbo.

    maybe he was sick, sick of his job and needed a timeout desperately or was likely to start throwing out death sentences to every offender who walked in. Everyone has their stress relief activity, for alot of people, gaming is it.
    How is it different to laying in bed reading/ or watching TV while sick etc.
    The real problem, 'video games are for kiddies, not adults' attitude.

    (however if he was perfectly fine and made a habit of taking too much time off for any activity, it is not very professional in any line of work)

    What's the problem here? If you're sick at home, you still need something to do rather then just lay in bed all day. So he ended up catching a bug at the perfect time. That's all.

    How would Will feel about moving out to the colonies and talking up a south australian attourney general position?

      Will just might, Will just might.

      But I dont care to be honest; a judge is allowed to take a day off.. and I say this because every other profession does; and crime NEVER stops... so if he wants to sit at home for 1 day of the year playing Modern Warfare 2 then the county isnt gonna explode - his hearings are just put off till the following week. Crime NEVER stops, it NEVER slows down.

    If the judge went out hunting/camping/fishing/watch tv all day/cooking/golfing/ dining with his partner/ getting drunk with the boys/ etc to relax then this would not even be a news story.

    one of the biggest sickie days of the year, is Melbourne cup day. I read the statistics almost every year in some side blurb barely noticeable in the news, (if they even mention it.)
    However gambling is something for adults to do, while gaming is for kiddies.....

    I wonder if I've crossed swords with this nub?

      That sounds bad. You in the adult film industry? :)

    Obviously his choice to call in sick for work was a very mature and justified decision. If one is unable to complete their work to the standard required then one is morally obliged to "chuck a sickie" and return to work when able. I would prefer a well slept judge a week late than a half asleep one on time. Whether sick, tired, hungover or all three, the decision was justified in my opinion. After all, who are we to judge why? Where I work, a simple "I can't come to work today" will suffice, unless you've had too many days off sick already.

    I'm a doctor in the obstetric unit of a hospital, and I chucked a sickie off night duty to play. Told them I needed a 'personal' day and suggested the ladies keep their legs crossed for a night.

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