Just How Real Is Gran Turismo PSP?

As seen on GIGAZINE.


    I am utterly appauled at GT PSP.

    The graphics are utter crap and don't live up to the GT legacy, upon that the rest of the game is mostly crap.

    GT PSP is wonderful it is full of joy and excitement and if you cant see that your obviously not a car person! ... the graphics are terrific!! browse the car dealers and tell me those are not great graphics on the psp!!! ... read the descriptions... come in your pants... its all good.

    i get the helmets, but why are they kneeling on the ground? looks might uncomfortable. and a more than a tad ridiculous :-)

    or is that the normal way to play your PSP? lol

    GT PSP is great... that along with Peace walker is helping me risit the stupid temptation to get a crappy PS3...

    GT PSP ROCKS! i play it on my TV with a PS controler its joy

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