Katamari Creator "Not Suited" To Games Industry

Keita Takahashi is a creative guy. Pads around bare-foot, comes up with stuff like Katamari Damacy. We love him for it, but at the same time, get the impression his heart's just not in it anymore.

It's not a feeling inspired by playing his games. Katamari was great, Noby Noby Boy, also great. It's based more on what the guy says. Here he is chatting with Gamasutra, who ask him whether his current work designing playgrounds is a reaction to the fact he's over the corporate machinations of the gaming business.

"I think that's true," he said. "In fact, I've been feeling for a few years now that I'm just not suited to the games industry. Yeah, that's certainly been an impetus for working on the playground. You're right."

You know what, he may be right. And before you complain, remember, if you truly love them, you have to let them go...

Interview: The Melancholy Of Keita Takahashi [Gamasutra]


    well at least he's honest and willing to step aside, instead of staying and releasing sub-par and mediocre games

    He will be greatly missed. I have not got a ps3 (for noby noby), but Katamari is one of my Fav gaming experiences of all time. We will always have that.

    It's just a shame he didn't feel like including a game in noby noby boy...

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