Kotaku Review Round-Up: Tekken, Forza, GTA And More

We cannot stop new games from coming out, but we can at least review them. Here's what we reviewed last week, for those who may have missed them. Forza, Tekken, LostWinds, Saw, GTA, Dungeon Hunter, Rock Band iPhone, DJ Hero.

Dungeon Hunter Review: Pocketful of Diablo

In which Brian Crecente attempts to justify writing the first full-sized Kotaku review of an iPhone game.

Rock Band Micro Review: iPhone Joins the Band

In which our freelancer Matt Cabral complains about the vocals.

Forza Motorsport 3 Review: Definitively Maybe

In which Michael McWhertor caves to the urge to gain an Achievement — and produces a better review as a result.

DJ Hero Review: You Spin Me Right Round

In which Michael Fahey refused to use my clever headline suggestion: "No Fail" (You can't fail any of the songs, see? Right? Funny? Maybe?)

GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Review: Out With A Bang

In which I explored the fundamental conundrum of designing appealing multiplayer modes in a modern Grand Theft Auto.

Tekken 6 Review: The Lag of Iron Fist

In which Brian Crecente has a troubling complaint about the cutscenes.

Saw Review: Do You Want to Play This Game?

In which freelancer Monty Phan asks a great question about shoes.

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Micro Review: A Pleasant Gust of Fun

In which Matt Cabral deems this WiiWare game as being hefty enough to be a retail release.


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