Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

15 Super Cool PlayStation 3 Case Mods [GamingBolt]These aren't necessarily the top 15, but they do form a list, and most of them are cool, but I'm sure at least one is too garish, simple, under or overdone for everyone's taste here. If it were my PS3, I'd go with the seteampunk (pictured) or the ghost. All the others look like marketing commissions.

Ten Reasons We Don't Want the Next Gen [IGN]I dunno about you, but my reason is, "I haven't played all the good games in this gen yet." Nor, frankly, on the PS2.

Top Ten Games for People Who Hate Thanksgiving [Destructoid]The giant robot lays waste to timeless traditions of the harvest season with a lineup of games for the most antisocial, turkey-hating, horn-of-jack-shitia toting grinch with a controller and a headset. Custer's Revenge, MLB 09: The Show and Modern Warfare 2 make the list, for the vaffanculo they represent to Squanto, football and civilized conversation, respectively.

Top Ten Dumb Video Game PR Moments [VGChartz]How the Danté's Inferno "Sin to Win" fiasco didn't make this list, I don't know. Obvious targets include the PS3 launch, everything Microsoft said in response to the RRoD, and EA sending illegal weapons as Godfather II swag.

Top Ten Alternate Uses for the Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard [Gamervision]It's bad enough to be saddled with a dud game two weeks after it releases - at least you can unload that somewhat painlessly, even if it is just store credit. A dud with a useless peripheral is even worse, as it just sits there in the corner, mocking you. Here's some hints from Heloise for salvaging the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard, accompanied by a few hilarious shoops.


    Thanks again, Kotaku, for proving to me just how off-the ball IGN are (RE: Ten Reasons We Don’t Want the Next Gen).

    Lets go through their points, shall we?

    1:) So i'm apparently supposed to think software and functionality upgrades are a bad thing?

    2:) So what is world of goo, braid and castle crashers? If anything, current gen has more-so enabled indy developed games with XBL and PSN, and we can only see them expanding on that with next gen

    3:) I almost fell off my chair with this one. Seriously? Left 4 Dead and COD sequels come out YEARLY, and even new IP's get sequels fairly quickly (uncharted 2, assasin's creed 2)

    4:) 3D gaming is a huge gimmick, it's possible with select PC titles ATM with nvidia hardware, and it's certainly not as cool as it sounds.

    Remember when everyone thought that 3D movies would become stock standard? Right...

    5:) Again, Gimmick, Gimmick, Gimmick. Project: Natal and the PS3 wand are more for soccor mums and 13 year old girls that play eyetoy and singstar, rather than real core gamers. The wii has proven that a 'gamer' would take a solid controller over wonky motion controls any day of the week (Case in point: Most people use GC controller for SSBB)

    6:) True. I actually kind of agree with this one. However, it's not a good enough point to delay a new console generation. Graphics do have SOMETHING to do with gaming, otherwise we'd still be using the NES.

    7:) So the second new hardware comes out, you INSTANTLY have to throw away your old stuff?

    8:) Speak for yourself. Most hardcore gamers own PC's as well as consoles, and are always trying to squeeze as much performance out of their game as possible, and would welcome a hardware upgrade to their consoles. This seems another argument for casual gamers, who would go 'NEW SYSTEM? WHAT'S HAPPENING? WHERE AM I? HOW TO WII SPORTS?'

    9:) Who the heck buys a console on launch? Again, you don't have to buy the new console and INSTANTLY throw away your old one when it comes out

    10:) So IGN wants everyone to develop mini-game crapfests that sell fantastically, instead of the slightly lower selling actual good games that modern console makers are developing?

      go son.

      I hear what you're saying, and how loud you're saying it, but disagree on a few points -

      It's a tad simplistic to suggest the only thing that has changed since the NES is the graphics chipset - delivery media, processing power, physical memory, I could go on... All these things have allowed games to be slicker, longer, more complex, more narratively nuanced, and, yes, prettier. And they're all improving in tandem, I never understand why we see graphics as the only real change.

      Second, I think you're underselling the appeal of hardware that you don't have to alter very often. Many hardcore console gamers do indeed own computers (or we would have a tough time seeing Kotaku!) but many of us don't game on them for exactly this reason - we can't be bothered with the hassle/expense of constant upgrades. I like having a bunch of games tweaked to perform optimally on my existing hardware, allowing me to spend my hard-earned on games (and support developers in the process, so the games get better). I'm not a casual gamer by any means, I just prefer playing games to fiddling with the systems they run on. It's not because I can't do the whole upgrade thing, it's because I don't want to. It's also nice to know that the people I play against online can't have better (or worse) machines than me, so I only have to concern myself with ping to get fair fights.

      Keeping the hardware static allows the developers to become intimately familiar with the console, and really make the most of the power available - as seen with the amazing improvement in PS2 games over the years. This gen is a LONG way from utilising all the power in those boxes (except the Wii), and that's why I don't think it's time for a next gen.

      And the same is true for indy developers - it has taken time for the indie scene to get to where it is on the consoles, changing the hardware on them now will not offer any kind of automatic bonus to them, but will certainly represent more expense to relearn the hardware and dev kits, and to set up the infrastructure that brings these indies to market.

      Finally, I for one bought my console on launch - the last gen had reached the twilight of its life, and it was time. I could justify the expense easily when I considered how much I'd saved on graphics cards alone over the years... (And if I was an XBOX player, I would have had to - remember how they stopped releasing games for the first one the minute the 360 launched?) This gen has plenty of room to grow into its hardware, and with todays networked society it's easier than ever to provide functionality and software upgrades without touching the hardware. I predict quite a long generation (again, maybe not so much the Wii...).

      I totally agree on the gimmicks though. I would like marketing managers to stop telling me I don't like playing games with a controller, because I do. As for 3D, if anyone can make it sell, it'll be Sony, but I don't think anyone can make it sell.

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