Kotick: Unemployment Likely To Affect Industry Sales

Appearing on Fox News on Friday, the same day US unemployment passed 10 per cent, the head of Activision Blizzard acknowledged that high jobless numbers will challenge the gaming business, but spoke up for the value of playing games in tough times.

After chatting about the company's recent earnings, guest host Charles Payne and Activision chief Kotick talked unemployment:

Robert Kotick, CEO, Activision Blizzard: [Most]of our market is in their 20s or 30s.

Fox News host Charles Payne: That is a pretty hard hit spot right now. This is one of these unusual times when a lot of men, particularly men in that range have lost their jobs. Any chance that might impact your business?

Kotick: Well, look, I think that it's one of the profound challenges we face in our economy today and our country today. I think it is likely to affect every business. One of the nice things about video games is that it does give you the opportunity to escape from some of the difficulties in the day-to-day — in your day-to-day lives as you start to think about those challenges.

Whether it's "DJ Hero" or "Guitar Hero" or "Band Hero" or "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," these are all products that give you hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment for good value.

Payne: Bobby, I put a few hundred dollars in your pocket too along the way. Congratulations and thanks a lot for coming on the show.

Out of work? Do you still play or buy games?


    God I hate Bobby Kotick.

    Recently out of work game developer here...

    Definitely not jumping on new releases like I used to. Although I did buy l4d 2 and borderlands (mostly to hang with also retrenched game developers on steam). But had I been drawing a decent wage I definitely would have picked up Dragon Age, MW2 and in the near future AC2 and New Super Mario Bros Wii. As it is I'll prolly be stalking for bargains bargains bargains on ecogamer.com. Still playing plenty though.

    Anyone know if I still get to claim games I buy whilst unemployed as tax deductables? Claimed $7000 last financial year on games. That was sweet.

    Damn when i first read this it was:

    Kotick Unemployment likely...

    I think I still dream of the day :P

    I'm taking the oppurtunity to catch up on some old wii games I never finished. As soon as I get a job though I plan on going on a shopping spree for a few games I've missed.

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