Laser Engraver Blasts Out Super Mario Theme

Well, not with its laser, with its motors. Hacklab, a Canadian mod collective, wrote some code to make it happen a while back, but it sounded a little too perfect. The guy who shot this confirms it is real.

BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow writes that he stopped by Hacklab yesterday unannounced and asked to see the Super Mario laser cutter. Sure enough, they fired it up and it played. Warning, if you boost your speakers to hear it, the guy says "f—-ing awesomesauce," at the beginning so it might not be a great idea if you're somewhere where saying that word would be inappropriate. Like church.'s Laser-Cutter Really *Does* Play the Mario Bros Theme! [BoingBoing via 8-Bit Fix]


    It cant be long before someone at NASA hacks the Hubble telescope to play the Mario theme.... is there anything left that hasn't been made to play the Mario theme?

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