Leaked Survey Tips Off MLB 2K10 Cover Athlete

A tipster taking a marketing survey was asked to judge four potential covers for next year's MLB 2K10. The Tampa Bay Rays' third baseman Evan Longoria is on all of them.

In that image you can see the four different designs survey takers were asked to consider. All have the 2K Sports 10th Anniversary branding which has graced the boxes of NHL 2K10 and NBA 2K10. This tipster sent us other screenshots - including one of the NDA (which of course the tipster broke by sending this) so I'm inclined to believe this is real.

It is not, however, confirmation of the official cover athlete or the box's final design. However, asking survey takers how the box cover makes them feel about purchasing the game is a strong indication 2K Sports has settled on its man.

Longoria is a two-time all star in as many seasons in the league and was the 2008 rookie of the year on a Devil Rays team that won the American League pennant. He just picked up his first Gold Glove.


    I can't believe publishers/marketing team actually pay that money to ask people if it makes them wanna play a game. This is a game people will know whether they want to buy or not IMO.

    I understand it for some other particular games though. Ah well, i would choose the third image with white background. The top two look too much of a poser.

    The second cover shows that its baseball and fits with the other sport games where it usually a shot of then (pretending) to play.

    Like Eva Longoria, but without the 'n'? And with a penis?


      Like Eva Longoria, but WITH the 'n'. And yes, most likely with a penis.

    I wonder how long before people stop calling us the Devil Rays and catch up to the fact that we are just the Rays. It's only been two full seasons now, and good ones at that

    I wish Evan was on the Show's cover. This is gonna put me in the same predicament I've got with Dwight Howard right now - favourite player from my favourite team is cover athlete, but the game is inferior to the competition.

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